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Banach Center Publications

Tom 41

Warszawa 1997

Spis treści

A. Królak
P. Chruściel
Preface, Contents, List of Participants1-10
J. BeemLorentzian geometry in the large11-20
G. GallowaySome rigidity results for spatially closed spacetimes21-34
A. RendallAn introduction to the Einstein–Vlasov system35-68
J. ShatahRegularity results for semilinear and geometric wave equations69-90
C. SoggeFourier integral operators and nonlinear wave equations91-108
R. BeigTT-tensors and conformally flat structures on 3-manifolds109-118
Y. Choquet-Bruhat
J. York Jr.
Well posed reduced systems for the Einstein equations119-131
M. DahlThe positive mass theorem for ALE manifolds133-142
C. GundlachCritical phenomena in gravitational collapse143-152
M. Heller
W. Sasin
The closed Friedman world model with the initial and final singularities as a non-commutative space153-161
P. Joshi
A. Królak
Nature of the central singularity in Szekeres models163-168
M. KrieleA stable class of spacetimes with naked singularities169-178
G. ReinSelfgravitating systems in Newtonian theory—the Vlasov–Poisson system179-194
O. Richter
C. Klein
Algebro-geometric approach to the Ernst equation. I. Mathematical preliminaries195-204
L. SzabadosQuasi-local energy-momentum and the Sen geometry of two-surfaces205-219
N. WoodhouseIntegrability and Einstein’s equations221-232
E. WoolgarFastest curves and toroidal black holes233-242
A. Królak
P. Chruściel
Preface, Contents, List of Participants1-10
B. SchutzGravitational radiation from accreting neutron stars11-17
T. ApostolatosGravitational waveforms from spinning objects19-22
M. DemiańskiCosmological background of gravitational waves23-30
K. KokkotasStellar pulsations and gravitational-waves31-41
G. SchäferPost-Newtonian approximations and equations of motion of general relativity43-53
P. JaranowskiTechnicalities in the calculation of the 3rd post-Newtonian dynamics55-63
R. CaponProgress towards a local expression for radiation reaction65-70
R. RiethOn the validity of Wilson’s approach to general relativity71-74
M. SasakiPost-Newtonian approximation in the test particle limit75-83
H. AsadaPost-Newtonian hydrodynamic equations using the (3 + 1) formalism in general relativity85-93
J. BlackburnThe laser interferometer gravitational wave observatory project: LIGO95-135
R. Flaminio
. et al.
VIRGO: a wide band gravitational wave detector137-143
M. TintoTheory of spacecraft Doppler tracking145-154
M. TintoA xylophone detector in space155-162
J. LoboSpherical detectors of gravitational waves163-178
J. Innocent
B. Torrésani
Wavelet transform and binary coalescence detection169-208
R. ZielińskiTheory of parameter estimation209-220
S. Mohanty
S. Dhurandhar
Gravitational waves from coalescing binaries: a hierarchical signal detection strategy221-233
P. JaranowskiInverse problem for networks of laser interferometers235-237
J. Gil
A. Krawczyk
G. Melikidze
Pulsar radiation239-255
A. StaruszkiewiczOn the quantal nature of the Coulomb field257-262
R. Tucker
C. Wang
Non-Riemannian gravitational interactions263-271
S. BażańskiIs the geodesic hypothesis in general relativity falsifiable?273-285

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