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Banach Center Publications

Tom 42

Warszawa 1998

Spis treści

V. Jones
J. Przytycki
P. Traczyk
J. Kania-Bartoszyńska
V. Turaev
Preface, Contents, List of Participants1-10
C. BlanchetRefined quantum invariants for three-manifolds with structure11-22
D. BullockEstimating the states of the Kauffman bracket skein module23-28
J. Carter
M. Saito
Surfaces in 3-space that do not lift to embeddings in 4-space29-47
A. Cavicchioli
F. Hegenbarth
D. Repovš
On manifold spines and cyclic presentations of groups49-56
P. CromwellArc presentations of knots and links57-64
I. Darcy
D. Sumners
Applications of topology to DNA65-75
T. Deguchi
K. Tsurusaki
Numerical application of knot invariants and universality of random knotting77-85
M. GeckTrace functions on Iwahori-Hecke algebras87-109
S. GervaisThe $p_1$-central extension of the mapping class group of orientable surfaces111-117
P. GilmerA TQFT for wormhole cobordisms over the field of rational functions119-127
C. GordonDehn filling: A survey129-144
V. Jones
J. Przytycki
Lissajous knots and billiard knots145-163
T. Kanenobu
Y. Miyazawa
HOMFLY polynomials as Vassiliev link invariants165-185
L. KauffmanSpin networks and the bracket polynomial187-204
X. LinFinite type invariants of integral homology 3-spheres: A survey205-220
J. McCabe
T. Wydro
Topics in statistical physics involving braids221-234
M. MeissenEdge number results for piecewise-linear knots235-242
H. MurakamiCalculation of the Casson-Walker-Lescop invariant from chord diagrams243-254
L. PlachtaChord diagrams in the classification of Morse-Smale flows on 2-manifolds255-273
J. Przytycki3-coloring and other elementary invariants of knots275-295
J. Przytycki
A. Sikora
Skein algebra of a group297-306
R. RandellInvariants of piecewise-linear knots307-319
R. RiccaApplications of knot theory in fluid mechanics321-346
D. RosemanReidemeister-type moves for surfaces in four-dimensional space347-380
D. Silver
S. Williams
Generalized n-colorings of links381-394
M. SokolovOn the absolute value of the SO(3)-invariant and other summands of the Turaev-Viro invariant395-408
P. TraczykA new proof of Markov's braid theorem409-419
V. VershininHomology of braid groups and their generalizations421-446
B. WestburyA generating function for spin network evaluations447-456
S. WillertonVassiliev invariants as polynomials457-463

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