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Banach Center Publications

Tom 43

Warszawa 1998

Spis treści

M. Bożejko
R. Alicki
W. Majewski
Preface, Contents1-8
L. Accardi
Y. Hashimoto
N. Obata
Singleton independence9-24
R. AlickiQuantum geometry of noncommutative Bernoulli shifts25-29
J. Andries
M. de Cock
Dynamical entropy of a non-commutative version of the phase doubling31-40
I. Aref'eva
P. Medvedev
O. Rytchkov
I. Volovich
Chaos in D0 brane dynamics41-51
A. Barchielli
G. Lupieri
Photoemissive sources and quantum stochastic calculus53-62
V. BelavkinQuantum Itô B*-algebras, their classification and decomposition63-70
F. Benatti
R. Floreanini
Complete positivity and the neutral kaon system71-85
M. BożejkoCompletely positive maps on Coxeter groups and the ultracontractivity of the q-Ornstein–Uhlenbeck semigroup87-93
M. Bożejko
J. Wysoczański
New examples of convolutions and non-commutative central limit theorems95-103
A. BuchholzL_{∞}-Khintchine–Bonami inequality in free probability105-109
C. CecchiniMarkovian processes on mutually commuting von Neumann algebras111-118
A. Chebotarev
D. Victorov
Quantum stochastic processes arising from the strong resolvent limits of the Schrödinger evolution in Fock space119-133
F. CiprianiThe variational approach to the Dirichlet problem in C*-algebras135-146
P. Cohen
R. Hudson
K. Parthasarathy
S. Pulmannová
Hall's transformation via quantum stochastic calculus147-155
G. EmchOn the need to adapt de Finetti's probability interpretation to QM157-166
T. EyreChaotic decompositions in Z_{2}-graded quantum stochastic calculus167-174
M. FannesUsing density matrices in classical dynamical systems175-182
U. FranzA mixed quantum-classical central limit theorem183-189
P. GarbaczewskiProbability and quanta: why back to Nelson?191-199
R. Gielerak
L. Jakóbczyk
R. Olkiewicz
Stochastic processes associated with thermal quasi-free states201-210
S. Goldstein
J. Lindsay
L^{p}-spaces and quantum dynamical semigroups211-216
J. Hellmich
C. Köstler
B. Kümmerer
Stationary quantum Markov processes as solutions of stochastic differential equations217-229
R. Jajte
A. Paszkiewicz
E. Hensz-Chądzyńska
Dilation theorems for completely positive maps and map-valued measures231-239
T. HudetzQuantum dynamical entropy revisited241-251
I. KrólakMeasures connected with Bargmann's representation of the q-commutation relation for q > 1253-257
R. LenczewskiTensor product construction of 2-freeness259-272
V. LiebscherA generalization of the conservation integral273-284
R. Olkiewicz
A. Majewski
B. Zegarliński
Stochastic dynamics of quantum spin systems285-295
M. MarciniakQuantum symmetries in noncommutative C*-systems297-307
T. MatsuiPositive energy representations for quantum spin models in 1+1 dimensions309-320
B. NachtergaeleQuantum interfaces321-329
H. NarnhoferControl on weak asymptotic abelianness with the help of the crossed product construction331-339
N. PrivaultSplitting the conservation process into creation and annihilation parts341-348
G. SewellNon-equilibrium phase transitions, coherence and chaos349-358
D. ShlyakhtenkoGaussian random band matrices and operator-valued free probability theory359-368
M. SkeideQuantum stochastic calculus on full Fock space369-379
R. StreaterA model of dense fluids381-393
S. SzarekMetric entropy of homogeneous spaces395-410
P. TuylsComparing quantum dynamical entropies411-420
D. VoiculescuThe noncommutative Hilbert transform approach to free entropy421-427

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