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Banach Center Publications

Tom 44

Warszawa 1998

Spis treści

W. Pawłucki
B. Jakubczyk
J. Stasica
Preface, Contents, List of Lectures1-10
F. Acquistapace
C. Andradas
F. Broglia
Semialgebraicity of certain local loci11-20
J. Bochnak
W. Kucharz
On homology classes represented by real algebraic varieties21-35
L. BröckerOn symmetric semialgebraic sets and orbit spaces37-50
F. CanoReduction of the singularities of foliations and applications51-71
J. Chądzyński
T. Krasiński
On the Łojasiewicz exponent for analytic curves73-80
M. CosteTopological types of fewnomials81-92
S. Cynk
T. Szemberg
Double covers and Calabi-Yau varieties93-101
J. Françoise
Y. Yomdin
Projection of analytic sets and Bernstein inequalities103-108
A. Gabrielov
F. Jean
J. Risler
Multiplicity of polynomials on trajectories of polynomial vector fields in $C^{3}$109-121
J. GwoździewiczGrowth at infinity of a polynomial with a compact zero set123-128
P. JaworskiOn blowing up versal discriminants129-140
M. KnebuschManis valuations and Prüfer extensions141-146
M. KnebuschOn valuation spectra147-148
A. LenarcikOn the Łojasiewicz exponent of the gradient of a holomorphic function149-166
J. Lion
J. Rolin
Frontière d’une hypersurface pfaffienne et géométrie sous-analytique167-172
B. MalgrangeOn sectorial solutions of ordinary differential equations173-174
Z. Szafraniec
A. Parusiński
On the Euler characteristic of fibres of real polynomial maps175-182
W. PawłuckiExamples of functions $C^{k}$-extendable for each k finite, but not $C^{∞}$-extendable183-187
A. PiękoszOn semialgebraic points of definable sets189-193
F. RongaFelix Klein’s paper on real flexes vindicated195-210
H. SussmannSome optimal control applications of real-analytic stratifications and desingularization211-232
V. ThilliezDivision et extension dans des classes de Carleman de fonctions holomorphes233-246
A. WeberLeray residue for singular varieties247-256
S. YokuraA singular Riemann-Roch for Hirzebruch characteristics257-268
W. Respondek
M. Zhitomirskii
Simple germs of corank one affine distributions269-276
M. ZurroOn the rings of formal solutions of polynomial differential equations277-292

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