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Banach Center Publications

Tom 45

Warszawa 1998

Spis treści

. Contents5-5
A. Tralle
J. Oprea
K. OnoOn Arnold’s conjecture for symplectic fixed points13-24
P. Zvengrowski
J. Bryden
The cohomology algebras of orientable Seifert manifolds and applications to Lusternik–Schnirelmann category25-39
O. CorneaHomotopical dynamics of gradient flows41-46
Y. RudyakCategory weight: new ideas concerning Lusternik–Schnirelmann category47-61
J. OpreaHomotopy theory and circle actions on symplectic manifolds63-86
C. AlldayExamples of circle actions on symplectic spaces87-90
A. Hattori4-dimensional c-symplectic $S^{1}$-manifolds with non-empty fixed point set need not be c-Hamiltonian91-93
A. HattoriAlmost complex toric manifolds and positive line bundles95-114
G. LuptonVariations on a conjecture of Halperin115-135
L. Cordero
M. Fernández
A. Gray
L. Ugarte
Dolbeault homotopy theory and compact nilmanifolds137-154
M. Fernández
R. Ibáñez
M. de León
The geometry of a closed form155-167
A. Garvín
L. Lechuga
A. Murillo
V. Muñoz
A. Viruel
An extension of Miller's version of the de Rham theorem with any coefficients169-176
D. LehmannUne généralisation des nombres de Milnor pour les intersections complètes à singularités non isolées177-182
M. Čadek
J. Vanžura
Various structures in 8-dimensional vector bundles over 8-manifolds183-197
J. KubarskiAlgebroid nature of the characteristic classes of flat bundles199-224
M. ArkowitzInduced mappings of homology decompositions225-233
J. HubbuckThe Hurewicz homomorphism and numerical forms235-240

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