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Banach Center Publications

Volume 46

Warszawa 1999


D. Niwiński
M. Zawadowski
Preface, Contents1-7
W. Bartol
E. Orłowska
A. Skowron
Helena Rasiowa, 1917-19949-21
O. Belegradek
A. Stolboushkin
M. Taitslin
On problems of databases over a fixed infinite universe23-62
C. Nguyen
H. van Nam
A theory of refinement structure of hedge algebras and its applications to fuzzy logic63-91
A. DawarFinite models and finitely many variables93-117
J. FlumOn the existence of prime ideals in Boolean algebras119-123
P. IdziakDecidability and structure125-135
A. KfouryBeta-reduction as unification137-158
L. MaksimovaInterrelation of algebraic, semantical and logical properties for superintuitionistic and modal logics159-168
D. Mundici
G. Panti
A constructive proof that every 3-generated l-group is ultrasimplicial169-178
E. Tahhan BittarStrong normalization proofs for cut elimination in Gentzen’s sequent calculi179-225

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