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Banach Center Publications

Volume 47

Warszawa 1999


M. Mrozek
K. Mischaikow
P. Zgliczyński
Foreword, Contents1-7
K. MischaikowThe Conley index theory: A brief introduction9-19
R. SrzednickiOn foundations of the Conley index theory21-27
M. MrozekConstruction and properties of the Conley index29-40
C. McCord
J. Reineck
Connection matrices and transition matrices41-55
T. KaczynskiConley index for set-valued maps: from theory to computation57-65
P. Bartłomiejczyk
Z. Dzedzej
Connection matrix theory for discrete dynamical systems67-78
M. CarbinattoOn perturbation of continuous maps79-90
M. GideaThe Conley index and countable decompositions of invariant sets91-108
K. Mischaikow
V. Hutson
Periodic travelling waves109-114
K. Mischaikow
W. Kalies
G. Watson
Cubical approximation and computation of homology115-131
K. Mischaikow
H. Kokubu
H. Oka
Directional transition matrix133-144
C. McCordReconstructing the global dynamics of attractors via the Conley index145-156
M. Mrozek
R. Srzednicki
J. Reineck
On a generalization of the Conley index157-171
G. OsipenkoConstruction of attractors and filtrations173-192
A. PruszkoThe Conley index for flows preserving generalized symmetries193-217
D. RichesonConnection matrix pairs219-232
M. Rinaldi
K. Rybakowski
Some remarks on tubular neighborhoods and gluing in Morse-Floer homology233-246
K. WójcikPeriodic segments and Nielsen numbers247-252
P. ZgliczyńskiSymbolic dynamics for the Rössler folded towel map253-258

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