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Banach Center Publications

Tom 49

Warszawa 1999

Spis treści

. Preface, Contents1-7
Z. Kucharski
A. Borisovich
W. Marzantowicz
A multiplicity result for a system of real integral equations by use of the Nielsen number9-18
R. BrownNielsen fixed point theory on manifolds19-27
R. BrownA middle-distance look at root theory29-41
A. Carey
V. Mathai
A. Mishchenko
On analytic torsion over C*-algebras43-67
Z. DzedzejOn the Nielsen fixed point theory for multivalued mappings69-75
A. Fel'shtyn
R. Hill
Dynamical zeta functions, congruences in Nielsen theory and Reidemeister torsion77-116
D. FerrarioGeneralized Lefschetz numbers of pushout maps defined on nonconnected spaces117-135
R. Geoghegan
A. Nicas
Fixed point theory and the K-theoretic trace137-149
E. HartThe Reidemeister trace and the calculation of the Nielsen number151-157
P. HeathA survey of Nielsen periodic point theory (fixed n)159-188
J. JezierskiOn generalizing the Nielsen coincidence theory to non-oriented manifolds189-202
B. JiangApplications of Nielsen theory to dynamics203-221
B. JiangThe Wecken property of the projective plane223-225
M. KellyMinimal surface maps, fixed point indices and a Jiang-Guo type inequality227-233
C. McCordWecken theorems for Nielsen intersection theory235-252
P. WongEquivariant Nielsen theory253-258
M. WooEvaluation subgroups and G-sequences259-268

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