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Acta Arithmetica

Volume 22

Warszawa 1972


T. CusickSimultaneous diophantine approximation of rational numbers1-9
N. SpearsA problem involving simultaneous binary compositions11-20
R. VaughanOn Goldbach's problem21-48
D. BarskySur les systèmes complets de restes modulo les idéaux d'un corps de nombres49-56
M. MignotteUne généralisation d'un théorème de Cugiani-Mahler57-67
J. LoxtonOn the maximum modulus of cyclotomic integers69-85
H. Davenport
D. Lewis
Gaps between values of positive definite quadratic forms87-105
Y. MotohashiOn the distribution of the zeros of Dirichlet's L-functions107-112
S. Chowla
P. Hartung
An "exact" formula for the m-th Bernoulli number113-115
P. WeinbergerExponents of the class groups of complex quadratic fields117-124
D. McquillanA remark on Hilbert's Theorem 92125-128
R. Schark
J. Wills
Asymptotisches Verhalten einer diophantisehen Approximations-Funktion129-136
F. DressAmélioration de la majoration de g (4) dans le problème de Waring: g(4)< 30137-147
K. KatayamaOn Ramanujan's formula for values of Riemann zeta-function at positive odd integers149-155
B. DivišOn the sums of continued fractions157-173
Y. MotohashiOn the distribution of the divisor function in arithmetic progressions175-199
P. Erdös
R. Hall
On the values of Euler's φ-function201-206
W. WebbWaring's problem in GF (q, x)207-220
A. SchinzelOn a theorem of Bauer and some of its applications II221-231
Б. Левин
А. Юдин
Локальные предельные теоремы для аддитивных арифметических функций233-247
D. RobinsonIteration of the modular period of a second order linear recurrent sequence249-256
R. Lidl
H. Niederreiter
On orthogonal systems and permutation polynomials in several variables257-265
M. FujiwaraHasse Principles in algebraic equations267-276
R. StonehamOn absolute (j, ε)-normality in the rational fractions with applications to normal numbers277-286
E. ScourfieldNon-divisibility of some multiplicative functions287-314
M. DodsonOn Waring's Problem in p-adic fields315-327
W. SchwarzRamanujan-Entwicklungen stark multiplikativer zahlentheoretischer Funktionen329-338
C. ViolaOn the diophantine equations ∏_{0}^k x_i - ∑_{0}^k x_i = n and ∑_{0}^k 1/x_i = a/n339-352
C. OsgoodA method in diophantine approximation V353-369
R. StonehamOn the uniform ε-distribution of residues within the periods of rational fractions with applications to normal numbers371-390
. ERRATA. Acta Arithmetica XXII (1973)390-390
W. HanekeÜber die reellen Nullstellen der Dirichletschen L-Reihen391-421
H. LangÜber Bernoullische Zahlen in reell-quadratischen Zahlkörpern423-437
E. Brown
H. Abbott
C. Aull
D. Suryanarayana
Quasiperfect numbers439-447
M. CraigA type of class group for imaginary quadratic fields449-459

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