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Acta Arithmetica

Volume 23

Warszawa 1973


S. KerawalaOn a restricted type of partitions into parts divisible by the least part1-4
R. FischerMischungsgeschwindigkeit für Ziffernentwicklungen nach reellen Matrizen5-12
H. LangÜber Verallgemeinerte Bernoullische Zahlen und die Klassenzahl reell-quadratischer Zahlkörper13-18
M. WaldschmidtPropriétés arithmétiques des valeurs de fonctions méromorphes algébriquement indépendantes19-88
R. HudsonPrime k-th power non-residues89-106
T. MetsänkyläA class number congruence for cyclotomic fields and their subfields107-116
G. HuffOn pairings of the first 2n natural numbers117-126
K. Wiertelak
W. Staś
Some estimates in the theory of Dedekind Zeta-functions127-135
F. EllisonThree diagonal quadratic forms137-151
H. DelangeSur un théorème de Rényi III153-182
K. KubotaImage sets of polynomials183-194
B. SrinivasanOn the number of Abelian groups of a given order195-205
M. Mendès FranceSur les fractions continues limitées207-215
G. RhinSur la répartition modulo I des suites f(p)217-248
M. ArtuhovOn the problem of odd h-fold perfect numbers249-255
J. BoveyOn the congruence a_1(x_1)^k + ... + a_s(x_s)^k = N(mod p^n)257-269
P. BuckhiesterGauss sums and the number of solutions to the matrix equation XAX^T =0 over GF(2^y)271-278
R. BakerSlowly growing sequences and discrepancy modulo one279-293
M. Gras
N. Moser
J. Payan
Approximation algorithmique du groupe des classes de certains corps cubiques cycliques295-300
P. Cijsouw
R. Tijdeman
On the transcendence of certain power series of algebraic numbers301-305
J. Lesca
Y. Dupain
Répartition des sous-suites d'une suite donnée307-314
G. Jogesh BabuSome results on the distribution of additive arithmetic functions, II315-328
D. RideoutA simplification of the formula for L(1,χ) where χ is a totally imaginary Dirichlet character of a real quadratic field329-337
C. OsgoodA method in diophantine approximation (VI)339-358
E. SzemerédiOn the difference of consecutive terms of sequences defined by divisibility properties, II359-361
W. NarkiewiczLocal behaviour of a class of multiplicative functions363-369
P. SzüszOn a theorem of Segre371-377
C. Viola
M. Forti
Density estimates for the zeros of L-functions379-391
F. SchweigerVolumsapproximation beim Jacobialgorithmus, II393-400
Y. MotohashiOn the number of integers which are sums of two squares401-412
. Publications of L. J. Mordell. Continuation from Acta Arithmetica, vol. IX pp.13-22413-416
J. CohnWaring's problem in quadratic number fields. Addendum417-418
K. GyőrySur les polynômes à coefficients entiérs et de discriminant donné419-426

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