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Acta Arithmetica

Volume 27

Warszawa 1975


D. Faddeyev
S. Lozinsky
A. Malyshev
Yuri V. Linnik (1915-1972). A biographical note1-2
A. MalyshevYu. V. Linnik's works in number theory3-10
. Bibliography of scientific works of Yu. V. Linnik11-35
P. Erdös
E. Szemerédi
S. Choi
Some additive and multiplicative problem sin number theory37-50
H. Richert
H. Halberstam
Brun's method and the Fundamental Lemma, II51-59
K. MahlerOn a paper by A. Baker on the approximation of rational powers of e61-87
E. HlawkaZum groβen Sieb von Linnik89-100
L. CarlitzCorrespondences in a finite field, I101-123
D. LehmerEuler constants for arithmetic progressions125-142
G. HalászOn the distribution of additive arithmetic functions143-152
S. UchiyamaOn the difference between consecutive prime numbers153-157
M. HuxleyLarge values of Dirichlet polynomials II159-170
G. WatsonTransformations of a quadratic form which do not increase the class-number II171-189
M. JutilaOn mean values of Dirichlet polynomials with real characters191-198
E. SzemerédiOn sets of integers containing k elements in arithmetic progression199-245
A. BakerA sharpening of the bounds for linear forms in logarithms III247-252
Б. Бредихин
Н. Яковлева
Применения дисперсного метода в проблеме Гольдбаха253-263
D. BurgessOn a conjecture of Norton265-267
W. SchwarzÜber die Ramanujan-Entwicklung multiplikativer Funktionen269-279
М. АртюховК проблемам теории дружественных чисел281-291
С. КотовУравнение Туэ-Малера в относительных полях293-315
В. СпринджукВертикальные распределения нулей дзета-функции и расширенная гипотеза Римана317-332
E. FogelsOn shifted primes333-352
H. Montgomery
R. Vaughan
The exceptional set of Goldbach's problem353-370
J. KubiliusOn an inequality for additive arithmetic functions371-383
W. SchmidtIrregularities for distribution IX385-396
A. SchinzelOn power residues397-420
H. IwaniecThe generalized Hardy-Littlewood's problem involving a quadratic polynomial with coprime discriminants421-446
A. Malyshev
A. Voronetsky
The proof of Minkowski's conjecture concerning the critical determinant of the region |x|^p + |y|^p < 1 for p > 6447-458
E. PodsypaninOn the representation of the integer by positive quadratic forms with square-free variables459-488
А. КарацубаО некоторых арифметических задачах с числами, имеющими малые простые делители489-492
С. ВоронинО функциональной независимости L-функций Римана493-503
Н. КузнецовНовый класс тождеств для коэффициентов Фурье модулярных форм505-519
Y. Matijasevič
J. Robinson
Reduction of an arbitrary diophantine equation to one in 13 unknowns521-553
A. MalyshevYu. V. Linnik's ergodic method in number theory555-598

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