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Acta Arithmetica

Volume 32

Warszawa 1977


M. BhaskaranCyclic decomposition of polynomials1-5
L. Chawla
E. Torrance
Three restricted product-sum partition functions7-13
W. KlotzGeneralization of some theorems on sets of multiples and primitive sequences15-26
A. FujiiSome remarks on Goldbach's problem27-35
A. TerrasThe Fourier expansion of Epstein's zeta function over an algebraic number field and its consequences for algebraic number theory37-53
M. JutilaZero-density estimates for L-functions55-62
M. Waldschmidt
W. Brownawell
The algebraic independence of certain numbers to algebraic powers63-71
M. HirschhornPolynomial identities which imply identities of Euler and Jacobi73-78
J. CoquetRemarques sur les nombres de Pisot-Vijayaraghavan79-87
D. BoydPisot sequences which satisfy no linear recurrence89-98
J. Coquet
M. Mendès-France
Suites à spectre vide et suites pseudo-aléatoires99-106
Я. МозерО законе Грама в теории дзета-функции Римана107-113
J. Hsia
A. Earnest
Spinor genera under field extensions, I115-128
W. Jurkat
O. Körner
H. Fiedler
Asymptotic expansions of finite theta series129-146
W. SchaalDer Satz von Erdös und Fuchs in reell-quadratischen Zahlkörpern147-156
J. Bovey A new upper bound for Waring's problem (mod p)157-162
J. PintzElementary methods in the theory of L-functions, V. The theorems of Landau and Page163-171
J. PintzElementary methods in the theory of L-functions, VI. On the least prime quadratic residue (mod p)173-178
W. NarkiewiczValues of integer-valued multiplicative functions in residue classes179-182
M. Madan
D. Madden
The exponent of class groups on congruence function fields183-205
N. De BruijnJohannes G. van der Corput (1890-1975). A biographical note207-208
W. Jehne
N. Klingen
Superprimes and a generalized Frobenius symbol209-232
W. VélezSome remarks on a number theoretic problem of Graham233-238
P. KaplanUnités de norme -1 de Q (√p) et corps de classes de degré 8 de Q (√-p) où p est un nombre premier congru à 1 modulo 8239-243
A. SchinzelAbelian binomials, power resiudes and exponential congruences245-274
W. SchmidtDiophantine approximation in power series fields275-296
M. Huxley
M. Jutila
Large values of Dirichlet polynomials, IV297-312
. ERRATA. Acta Arithmetica XXXII(1977)312-312
I. RuzsaGeneral multiplicative functions313-347
K. Győry
A. Pethö
Über die Verteilung der Lösungen von Normformen Gleichungen, II349-363
P. Toffin Conditions suffisantes d'équirépartition modulo 1 de suites (f(n))_{n∊N} et (f(p_n))_{n∊N}365-385
E. BrinitzerEine asymptotische Formel für Summen über die reziproken Werte additiver Funktionen387-391
R. HallOn the constant β(k) in Rosser's sieve393-395
J. PintzElementary methods in the theory of L-functions, VII. Upperbound for L(1,χ)397-406
L. Carlitz
A. Long, Jr.
The factorization of Q(L(x_1), ..., L(x_k)) over a finite field where Q (x_1,...,x_k) is of first degree and L(x) is linear407-420

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