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Acta Arithmetica

Volume 33

Warszawa 1977


M. KenkuAtkin-Lehner involutions and class number residuality1-9
K. KubotaOn a conjecture of Morgan Ward, I11-28
K. KubotaOn a conjecture of Morgan Ward, II29-48
O. NeumannProper solutions of the imbedding problem with restricted ramification49-52
R. OdoniA new equidistribution property of norms of ideals in given classes53-63
J. BoveyOn the size of prime factors of integers65-80
S. Chowla
I. Kessler
M. Livingston
On character sums and the non-vanishing for s > 0 of Dirichlet L-series belonging to real odd characters χ81-87
J. PintzElementary methods in the theory of L-functions, VIII. Real zeros of real L-functions89-98
. ERRATA. Acta Arithmetica XXXIII(1977)98-98
K. KubotaOn a conjecture of Morgan Ward, III99-109
K. Kubota
W. Brownawell
The algebraic independence of Weierstrass functions and some related numbers111-149
R. Berndt
K. Schramm
Arithmetisch ganze Differentiale der Modulfunktionenkörper 6. und 7. Stufe151-168
D. Heath-BrownOn the density of the zeros of the Dedekind Zeta-function169-181
H. SchlickeweiÜber die diophantische Gleichung x_1 + x_2 + ... + x_n = 0183-185
J. GroscheBemerkungen über Multiplikatoren von Modulformen zu Kongruenzgruppen der Hilbert-Siegelschen Modulgruppe187-193
A. van der PoortenEffectively computable bounds for the solutions of certain diophantine equations195-207
H. IwaniecOn indefinite quadratic forms in four variables209-229
R. VaughanHomogeneous additive equations and Waring's problem231-0
C. RyavecInequalities for zeros of ζ(s)255-260
J. BrittoOn the construction of non-congruence subgroups261-267
M. EichlerOn theta functions of real algebraic number fields269-292
J. PintzCorrigendum to the paper "Elementary methods in the theory of L-functions, VII. Upper bound for L(1,χ)"293-295
D. KnuthNotes on generalized Dedekind sums297-325
Б. Левин
Н. Тимофеев
Распределение значений аддитивных функций, II327-351
F. Halter-Koch Einheiten und Divisorenklassen in Galois'schen algebraischen Zahlkörpern mit Diedergruppe der Ordnung 2l für eine ungerade Primzahl l353-364
P. Leonard
K. Williams
A rational sixteenth power reciprocity law365-377
V. SchulzePotenzreste379-404
B. FerreroAn explicit bound for Iwasawa's λ-invariant405-408
. ERRATA. Acta Arithmetica XXXIII(1977)408-408

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