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Acta Arithmetica

Volume 37

Warszawa 1980


. Paul Turán (1910-1976)1-1
P. ErdösSome personal reminiscences of the mathematical work of Paul Turán3-8
G. HalászThe number-theoretic work of Paul Turán9-19
. List of works of Paul Turán21-34
R. FreudOn sets characterizing additive arithmetical functions, I35-41
W. StaśAn explicit estimate for zeros of Dedekind zeta functions43-54
P. SzüszOn the length of continued fractions representing a rational number with given denominator55-59
S. Chowla
M. Cowles
J. Cowles
On the difference of cubes (mod p)61-65
K. RothOn irregularities of distribution, IV67-75
W. NarkiewiczNormal order for a function associated with factorization into irreducibles77-84
A. OstrowskiOn the distribution function of certain sequences (mod 1)85-104
K. MahlerOn two definitions of the integral of a p-adic function105-109
R. VaughanAn elementary method in prime number theory111-115
L. CarlitzA reciprocity theorem and a three-term relation for generalized Dedekind-Rademacher sums117-132
A. Schinzel
D. Lewis
Quadratic diophantine equations with parameters133-141
K. Győry
A. Pethö
Über die Verteilung der Lösungen von Normformen Gleichungen, III143-165
M. EichlerOn symmetric and unsymmetric theta functions over a real quadratic field167-179
E. Straus
G. Kolesnik
On the distribution of integers with a given number of prime factors181-199
P. Erdös
R. Graham
On the bases with an exact order201-207
J. PintzOn the remainder term of the prime number formula II; On a theorem of Ingham209-220
M. JutilaStatistical Deuring-Heilbronn phenomenon221-231
R. Tijdeman
K. Győry
M. Voorhoeve
On the equation 1^k + 2^k + ... + x^k = y^z233-240
A. Schinzel
W. Schmidt
H. Schlickewei
Small solutions of quadratic congruences and small fractional parts of quadratic forms241-248
P. ElliottOn the differences of additive functions, II249-256
M. WaldschmidtA lower bound for linear forms in logarithms257-283
E. HlawkaÜber einige Reihen, welche mit den Vielfachen von Irrationalzahlen zusammenhängen285-306
H. IwaniecA new form of the error term in the linear sieve307-320
M. SzalayOn the maximal order in S_n and S*_n321-331
A. SárközyOn a theorem of Erdös and Fuchs333-338
P. GallagherSome consequences of the Riemann hypothesis339-343
E. WirsingAdditive functions with restricted growth on the numbers of the form p+1345-357
D. LehmerOn a constant of Turán and Erdös359-361
Y. Dupain
V. Sós
On the one-sided boundedness of discrepancy function of the sequence {nα}363-374
H. MontgomeryAn exponential polynomial formed with the Legendre symbol375-380
А. Лаврик
М. Исраилов
Ж. Едгоров
Об интегралах, содержащих остаточный член проблемы делителей381-389
Б. Бредихин
Т. Гришина
Метод сглаживания в задачах варинговского типа391-404
А. ШидловскийОб арифметических свойствах многочленов от значений Е-функций, связанных алгебраическими уравнениями в поле рациональных функций405-426

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