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Acta Arithmetica

Volume 43

Warszawa 1983


J. MeyerReprésentation multiplicative des entiers à l'aide de l'ensemble P + 11-19
Я. МозерУлучшение теоремы Харди-Литтлвуда о плотности нулей функцин ζ(½ + it)21-47
D. GoldstonOn a result of Littlewood concerning prime numbers49-51
J. KaczorowskiSome remarks on factorization in algebraic number fields53-68
J. UrbanowiczOn the 2-primary part of a conjecture of Birch and Tate69-81
W. NarkiewiczDistribution of coefficients of Eisenstein series in residue classes83-92
K. KomatsuOn adele rings of arithmetically equivalent fields93-95
T. ShemanskePrimitive newforms of weight 3/297-104
J. PintzOscillatory properties of M(x) = ∑_{n≤x} μ(n), III105-113
J. BeckSome upper bounds in the theory of irregularities of distribution115-130
M. CarPolynômes de F_q[X] ayant un diviseur de degré donné131-154
J. LoxtonSpecial values of the dilogarithm fonction155-166
K. Matthews
A. Watts
A generalization of Hasse's generalization of the Syracuse algorithm167-175
K. WiertelakOn the density of some sets of primes, IV177-190
J. FabrykowskiMultidimensional covering systems of congruences191-208
K. RamanathanOn Ramanujan's continued fraction209-226
R. CookPairs of additive equations IV. Sextic equations227-243
A. NaranjaniOn Dirichlet characters of polynomials245-251
J. AntoniadisÜber die Berechnung von Multiplikatorgleichungen253-272
J. BorelSur le prolongement des fonctions ζ associées a un système de nombres premiers généralisés de Beurling273-282
R. Balasubramanian
C. Mozzochi
An improved upper bound for G (k) in Waring's problem for relatively small k283-285
J. Beck
J. Spencer
Well-distributed 2-colorings of integers relative to long arithmetic progressions287-294
K. IimuraOn the genus group of algebraic number fields295-303
H. Iwaniec
J. Deshouillers
Power mean-values for Dirichlet's polynomials and the Riemann zeta-function, II305-312
A. SchinzelReducibility of lacunary polynomials, IV313-315
T. ShoreyLinear forms in members of a binary recursive sequence317-331
M. TakeuchiAn effective lower bound for a certain exponential function333-348
U. HalbritterAnwendung einer Summationsformel auf Dirichletsche Reihen und verallgemeinerte Dedekindsche Summen349-359
J. Parnami
M. Agrawal
S. Pall
A. Rajwade
Criterion for 2 to be an lth power361-365
P. Llorente
E. Nart
N. Vila
Discriminants of number fields defined by trinomials367-373
R. Hall
G. Tenenbaum
On the local behaviour of some arithmetical functions375-390
J. SchmidThe joint distribution of the binary digits of integer multiples391-415
E. FouvrySur le théorème de Brun-Titchmarsh417-424
A. SchinzelReducibility of lacunary polynomials, V425-440
M. HuxleyAn application of the Fouvry-Iwaniec theorem441-443

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