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Acta Arithmetica

Volume 45

Warszawa 1985


G. TalliniBeniamino Segre1-3
. Publications of Beniamino Segre5-18
T. AzuhataOn Fermat's last theorem19-27
K. Matthews
A. Watts
A Markov approach to the generalized Syracuse algorithm29-42
C. Lloyd-SmithAlgebraic numbers near the unit circle43-57
B. DietzOn the gaps of the Lagrange spectrum59-64
J. KaczorowskiOn sign-changes in the remainder-term of the prime-number formula, II65-74
J. Hsia
D. Hung
Theta series of quaternary quadratic forms over Z and Z[(1 + √p)/2]75-91
M. DeuringCarl Ludwig Siegel, 31.12.1896-4.4.198193-107
. Liste aller Publikationen von Carl Ludwig Siegel109-113
G. KolesnikOn the method of exponent pairs115-143
R. SimpsonRegular coverings of the integers by arithmetic progressions145-152
E. Deinert
E. Härtter
J. Zöllner
Verzichtbare und unverzichtbare Elemente bei der Darstellung als Summe und als Differenz von Quadraten153-161
Y. AlemuOn zeros of forms over local fields163-171
R. NöbauerÜber die Fixpunkte von durch Dicksonpolynome dargestellten Permutationen173-181
A. Rajwade
S. Katre
Complete solution of the cyclotomic problem in F_q for any prime modulus l, q = p^α, p ≡ 1 (mod l)183-199
H. HayashiNote on an index formula of elliptic units in a ring class field201-210
J. ZöllnerÜber eine Vermutung von Choi, Erdös und Nathanson211-213
K. NakamulaClass number calculation of a quartic field from the elliptic unit215-227
K. NakamulaClass number calculation of a sextic field from the elliptic unit229-247
J. JaulentSur la formule du produit pour le symbole de reste normique généralisé249-254
K. Williams
K. Hardy
C. Friesen
On the evaluation of the Legendre symbol ((A + B√m)/p)255-272
H. Iwaniec
J. Friedlander
The divisor problem for arithmetic progressions273-277
S. SalernoA note on Selberg sieve279-288
J. TurkOn the difference between perfect powers289-307
K. Ramachandra
R. Balasubramanian
Progress towards a conjecture on the mean value of Titchmarsh series, III309-318
S. Raghavan
R. Cook
On positive definite quadratic polynomials319-328
H. HollmannFactorisation of x^N - q over Q329-335
M. Dodson
J. Bovey
The Hausdorff dimension of systems of linear forms337-358
С. ТулягановЛокальная предельная теорема для мультипликативных арифметических функций359-369
J. Lamoreaux
A. Pollington
Concerning a conjecture of R. L. Graham371-373
M. Berger
A. Felzenbaum
A. Fraenkel
Necessary condition for the existence of an incongruent covering system with odd moduli375-379
J. BourgainSur le minimum d'une somme de cosinus381-389
. ERRATA. Acta Arithmetica XLV (1985-1986)390-390

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