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Acta Arithmetica

Volume 49

Warszawa 1987


. PAULO ERDŐS aetatis lustrum sextum decimum ingredienti2-3
R. RankinGeneralized Jacobsthal sums and sums of squares5-14
K. MahlerOn two analytic functions15-20
A. IvićOn some estimates involving the number of prime divisors of an integer21-33
M. EichlerNew formulas for the class number of imaginary quadratic fields35-43
R. BalasubramanianA note on a result of Erdös, Sárkőzy and Sós45-53
A. SchinzelOn the number of terms of a power of a polynomial55-70
T. ShoreyPerfect powers in products of integers from a block of consecutive integers71-79
K. AlladiAn Erdös Kac theorem for integers without large prime factors81-105
M. Chaimovich
G. Freimann
J. Schönheim
On exceptions to Szegedy's theorem107-112
E. HlawkaÜber die geometrische Reihe von E. Hecke113-125
P. ElliottA local Turán Kubilius inequality127-139
M. Mendès France
H. Cohen
J. Allouche
J. Shallit
De nouveaux curieux produits infinis141-153
R. HallThe propinquity of divisors155-163
G. TenenbaumUn problème de probabilité conditionnelle en arithmétique165-187
С. Степанов
И. Шпарлинский
О построении нормального базиса конечного поля189-192
J. Loxton
A. van der Poorten
An awful problem about integers in base four193-203
H. IwaniecOn Waldspurger's theorem205-212
H. DelangeSur les moments des fonctions additives213-236
A. OdlyzkoDifferences of the partition function237-254
G. Szekeres
V. -Sós
Rational approximation vectors255-261
C. Pomerance
H. Maier
On the number of distinct values of Euler's φ-function263-275
H. MontgomeryPrime-like sequences277-280
I. RuzsaOn an additive property of squares and primes281-289
A. Sárközy
C. Pomerance
On homogeneous multiplicative hybrid problems in number theory291-302
J. HaightOn multiples of certain real sequences303-306
R. Tijdeman
K. Győry
C. Stewart
On prime factors of sums of integers III307-312
K. Ramachandra
R. Balasubramanian
On the number of integers n such that nd(n) ≤ x313-322
D. Heath-BrownThe growth rate of the Dedekind Zeta-function on the critical line323-339
F. Dress
J. Deshouillers
Sommes de diviseurs et structure multiplicative des entiers341-375
H. Halberstam
G. Freiman
On a product of sines377-385
J. PintzElementary methods in the theory of L-functions. IX. Density theorems387-394
J. NicolasNombres hautement composés395-412
H. Furstenberg
B. Weiss
Simultaneous diophantine approximation and IP-sets413-426
H. Montgomery
A. Odlyzko
Large deviations of sums of independent random variables427-434
G. Kolesnik
S. Graham
On the difference between consecutive squarefree integers435-447
С. КотовS-целые решения одного класса диофантовых уравнений норменного вида с полиномиальной правой частью449-458
T. Šalát
Š. Porubský
O. Strauch
Transformations that preserve uniform distribution459-479
S. RévészEffective oscillation theorems for a general class of real-valued remainder terms481-505
P. Erdös
C. Lacampagne
J. Selfridge
Prime factors of binomial coefficients and related problems507-523
M. NathansonMinimal bases and powers of 2525-532

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