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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 51

Warszawa 1988

Spis treści

M. Mendès France
Y. Amice
F. Bertrandias
M. Bertin
A. Decomps
F. Dress
M. Grandet
G. Rauzy
Charles Pisot1-4
. Publications de Charles Pisot5-7
D. BollaertsOn the Poincaré series associated to the p-adic points on a curve9-30
F. MawyerUnits in parametrized p-adatropic number fields31-41
T. ShimadaA note on power series representations in local fields43-48
W. Müller
R. Nöbauer
Über ganzzahlige Vertauschbarkeitsketten ungeraden Grades49-60
I. GaálInhomogeneous norm form equations over function fields61-73
M. IshidaExistence of an unramified cyclic extension and congruence conditions75-84
C. KirfelStabilität bei symmetrischen h-Basen85-97
H. HalberstamLoo-keng Hua: Obituary99-110
. Publications of Loo-keng Hua111-117
W. VélezA generalization of Schinzel's theorem on radical extensions of fields and an application119-130
A. ArenasAn arithmetic problem on the sums of three squares131-140
F. Halter-KochBinäre quadratische Formen und Diederkörper141-172
J. HinzA generalization of Bombieri's prime number theorem to algebraic number fields173-193
J. WójcikOn the congruence f(x^k) ≡ 0 mod q, where q is a prime and f is a polynomial195-200
K. AlladiMultiplicative functions and Brun's sieve201-219
M. ToyoizumiOn certain infinite products III221-231
J. RutkowskiOn some expansions of p-adic functions233-245
F. GruppOn zeros of functions satisfying certain differential-difference equations247-268
B. MorozEquidistribution of Frobenius classes and the volumes of tubes269-276
H. LangÜber die Restklasse modulo 2^(e+2) des Wertes 2^enζ(1-2^{e}n, ℜ) der Zetafunktion einer Idealklasse aus dem reell-quadratischen Zahlkörper Q(√D) mit D ≡ 3 mod 4277-292
M. EichlerAlexander Ostrowski, Über sein Leben und Werk295-298
. Liste aller Publikationen von Alexander Ostrowski299-309
A. BazylewiczCritère de reconnaissabilité de fonctions analytiques et fonctions entières arithmétiques311-319
Y. PétermannChanges of sign of error terms related to Euler's function and to divisor functions II321-333
G. LarcherOn the distribution of s-dimensional Kronecker-sequences335-347
J. UrbanowiczOn the equation f(1)1^k + f(2)2^k + ... + f(x)x^k + R(x)= by^z349-368
E. KrätzelOn the average number of direct factors of a finite Abelian group369-379
R. MarszałekMinkowski units in certain metacyclic fields381-391
H. NakadaOn metrical theory of diophantine approximation over imaginary quadratic field393-403

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