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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 52

Warszawa 1989

Spis treści

P. Blanksby
C. Lloyd-Smith
M. McAuley
On diameters of algebraic integers1-9
M. BalazardSur la moyenne des exposants dans la decomposition en facteurs premiers11-23
J. De Koninck
A. Mercier
Les fonctions arithmétiques et le plus grand facteur premier25-48
K. Kramer
A. Candiotti
On the 2-Sylow subgroup of the Hilbert kernel of $K_{2}$ of number fields49-65
K. IndlekoferÜber Verallgemeinerungen der Turán-Kubilius Ungleichung67-73
P. ZarzyckiOn a certain additive function on the Gaussian integers75-90
E. SelmerSub-bases of pleasant h-bases91-94
M. Nathanson
X. Jia
A simple construction of minimal asymptotic bases95-101
K. Williams
K. Hardy
The class number of pairs of positive-definite binary quadratic forms103-117
N. WattA problem on semicubical powers119-140
E. KrätzelThe distribution of powerful integers of type 4141-145
G. GrasRelations congruentielles linéaires entre nombres de classes de corps quadratiques147-162
K. BartzAn effective order of Hecke-Landau zeta functions near the line σ=1, II (some applications)163-170
U. ZannierOn the linear independence of roots of unity over finite extensions of Q171-182
R. Tichy
G. Larcher
Some number-theoretical properties of generalized sum-of-digit functions183-196
J. VolochOn the number of values taken by a polynomial over a finite field197-201
W. DukeSome problems in multidimensional analytic number theory203-228
M. Grandet-HugoUne nouvelle caractérisation des éléments de Pisot dans l'anneau des adèles de Q229-239
A. Ivić
M. Ouellet
Some new estimates in the Dirichlet divisor problem241-253
M. LeThe diophantine equation $x^{2} + D^{m} = p^{n}$255-265
D. BerendDensity modulo 1 in local fields267-282
D. KluschOn Mellin-Ramanujan expansions283-292
J. PomykałaBilinear form of the remainder term in the Rosser-Iwaniec sieve of dimension ϰ ∈ (1/2,1)293-306
N. Costa-PereiraElementary estimates for the Chebyshev function 𝜓(x) and for the Mobius function M(x)307-337
T. Fryska
K. Bartz
An effective estimate for the density of zeros of Hecke-Landau zeta-functions339-352
E. LipkinOn representation of r-th powers by subset sums353-365
J. Conrey
A. Ghosh
On mean values of the zeta-function, II367-371
R. OdoniOn the distribution of norms of ideals in given ray-classes and the theory of central ray-class fields373-397
P. Erdös
M. Nathanson
Additive bases with many representations399-406

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