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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 57

Warszawa 1991

Spis treści

C. KraaikampA new class of continued fraction expansions1-39
I. Kátai
J. De Koninck
A. Mercier
Additive functions monotonic on the set of primes41-68
B. Mossé
C. Mauduit
Suites de $G_{q}$-orbite finie.69-82
S. AdhikariΩ-results for sums of Fourier coefficients of cusp forms83-92
M. JutilaMean value estimates for exponential sums with applications to $L$-functions93-114
M. Dodson
B. Rynne
J. Vickers
Khintchine-type theorems on manifolds115-130
K. Williams
R. Hudson
Representation of primes by the principal form of discriminant -D when the classnumber h(-D) is 3131-153
L. Zhang
J. Gordon
On unit solutions of the equation xyz=x+y+z in a number field with unit group of rank 1155-158
S. Chaładus
Y. Teterin
Note on a decomposition of integer vectors. II159-164
A. SchinzelReducibility of lacunary polynomials. XI165-175

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