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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 59

Warszawa 1991

Spis treści

A. LaurinčikasA limit theorem for the Riemann zeta-function near the critical line in the complex space1-9
S. SalernoIwaniec's bilinear form of the error term in the Selberg sieve11-20
M. DelegliseRecouvrement optimal du cercle par les multiples d'un intervalle21-35
J. KaczorowskiThe k-functions in multiplicative number theory. V. Changes of sign of some arithmetical error terms37-58
R. Simpson
D. Zeilberger
Necessary conditions for distinct covering systems with square-free moduli59-70
M. AmouAlgebraic independence of the values of certain functions at a transcendental number71-82
C. ZhongOn Fermat's equation with prime power exponents83-86
J. CillerueloArcs containing no three lattice points87-90
A. MovahhediSur une class d'extensions non ramifiees91-95
J. HančlExpression of real numbers with the help of infinite series97-104
J. MoralesThe classification of pairs of binary quadratic forms105-121
H. SmidaSur les puissances de convolution de la fonction de Dickman123-143
N. ThangA note on the Hasse principle. Addenda145-147
P. DingAn improvement to Chalk's estimation of exponential sums149-155
Я. МозерГипотеза Римана и поведение функции Z(t) в коротких промежутках157-169
J. Allouche
M. Mendès France
A. van der Poorten
An infinite product with bounded partial quotients171-182
J. SanderOn 4/n = 1/x + 1/y + 1/z and Rosser's sieve183-204
R. AndersonOn the Möbius sum function205-213
M. BertinGénéralisation des suites de Pisot et de Boyd II215-219
E. Dubois
R. Paysant-Le Roux
M. Gaunet
Sur la spécialisation des points extrémaux cubiques221-242
A. KriegA Dirichlet series for modular forms of degree n243-259
H. LiuOn the number of abelian groups of a given order261-277
M. PerretMultiplicative character sums and Kummer coverings279-290
A. ChoudhrySymmetric Diophantine systems291-307
U. ChristianÜber eine arithmetische Aufspaltung der logarithmischen Ableitung Selbergscher Zetafunktionen309-315
G. Mullen
J. Gomez-Calderon
Galois rings and algebraic cryptography317-328
Y. Petermann
S. Adhikari
Lattice points in ellipsoids329-338
E. ScourfieldOn some sums involving the largest prime divisor of n339-363
C. FriesenLegendre symbols and continued fractions365-379
R. Sasaki
K. Toki
Determination of Fermat varieties with trivial Hasse-Witt map (an application of the Farey series)381-401

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