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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 61

Warszawa 1992

Spis treści

C. Spiro-SilvermanWhen the group-counting function assumes a prescribed integer value at squarefree integers frequently, but not extremely frequently1-12
C. FaivreDistribution of Levy constants for quadratic numbers13-34
C. ChaceThe divisor problem for arithmetic progressions with small modulus35-50
J. TamuraA class of transcendental numbers with explicit g-adic expansion and the Jacobi-Perron algorithm51-67
B. RynneThe Hausdorff dimension of certain sets arising from Diophantine approximation by restricted sequences of integer vectors69-81
A. SmatiRepartition des valeurs d'une classe de fonctions multiplicatives83-100
A. CostaModular forms and class number congruences101-118
M. Dodson
S. Hasan
Systems of linear forms and covers for star bodies119-127
G. SzkibielA note on some expansions of p-adic functions129-142
A. SmatiEvaluation effective du nombre d'entiers n tels que φ(n) <= x143-159
K. Williams
K. Hardy
Determination of Σ_{k=1}^{p-1}g^{ak^2} modulo p161-172
G. AlmkvistOn the differences of the partition function173-181
G. Mullen
W. Chou
Generating linear spans over finite fields183-191
J. CohnThe diophantine equation x^2 + 19 = y^n193-197
J. FabrykowskiSquares in difference sets199-208
B. BerndtHans Rademacher (1892-1969)209-225
H. Williams
R. Mollin
Consecutive powers in continued fractions233-264
A. Cordoba
J. Cilleruelo
B_2[∞]-sequences of square numbers265-270
H. Iwaniec
E. Fouvry
The divisor function over arithmetic progressions271-287
D. TolevOn a diophantine inequality involving prime numbers289-306
G. GrasSur la norme du groupe des unit's e d'extensions quadratiques relatives307-317
S. FerencziBounded remainder sets319-326
R. Warlimont
A. Knopfmacher
J. Knopfmacher
"Factorisatio numerorum" in arithmetical semigroups327-336
K. Matsumoto
I. Kiuchi
Mean value results for the approximate functional equation of the square of the Riemann zeta-function337-345
E. SaiasEntiers sans grand ni petit facteur premier I347-374
T. Shorey
R. Tijdeman
On the number of prime factors of a finite arithmetical progression375-390
T. Shorey
R. Tijdeman
Perfect powers in products of terms in an arithmetical progression III391-398
K. GirstmairThe Galois module of a twisted element in the p^m -th cyclotomic field399-403

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