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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 62

Warszawa 1992

Spis treści

C. Bachoc
S. Kwon
Sur les extensions de groupe de Galois Ã_41-10
G. Everestp-primary parts of unit traces and the p-adic regulator11-23
D. PoulakisPoints entiers sur les courbes hyperelliptiques25-43
R. Baker
S. Schäffer
Pairs of additive quadratic forms modulo one45-59
R. NairOn certain solutions of the diophantine equation x − y = p(z)61-71
T. AgohSome variations and consequences of the Kummer–Mirimanoff congruences73-96
L. KolitschGeneralized Frobenius partitions, k-cores, k-quotients, and cranks97-102
U. RauschA further omega result for the ellipsoid problem in algebraic number fields103-108
S. LouboutinMinoration au point 1 des fonctions L et détermination e des corps sextiques abéliens e totalement imaginaires principaux109-124
R. Cook
J. Brüdern
On simultaneous diagonal equations and inequalities125-149
M. YamajiOn formal groups obtained from symmetric powers151-155
P. WalshA quantitative version of Runge’s theorem on diophantine equations157-172
F. Halter-KochChebotarev formations and quantitative aspects of non-unique factorizations173-206
J. BrillhartDerrick Henry Lehmer207-220
A. LazarusLehmer’s semi-symmetric cyclotomic sums221-227
D. LeeOn the power-series expansion of a rational function229-255
M. NairMultiplicative functions of polynomial values in short intervals257-269
Y. Nakai
I. Shiokawa
Discrepancy estimates for a class of normal numbers271-284
E. Krätzel
W. Nowak
Lattice points in large convex bodies, II285-295
K. GirstmairOn the branch order of the ring of integers of an abelian number field297-301
M. Car Sommes d’exponentielles dans F_{2^h} ((X^{−1}))303-328
A. AdelbergOn the degrees of irreducible factors of higher order Bernoulli polynomials329-342
P. MortonArithmetic properties of periodic points of quadratic maps343-372
A. Sankaranarayanan
K. Srinivas
On the papers of Ramachandra and Kátai373-382
K. GirstmairOn the trace of the ring of integers of an abelian number field383-389
T. BerryPoints at rational distance from the vertices of a triangle391-405
K. GyőryOn the irreducibility of a class of polynomials, IV399-405

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