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Acta Arithmetica

Volume 63

Warszawa 1993


G. LarcherNets obtained from rational functions over finite fields1-13
A. DubickasOn a conjecture of A. Schinzel and H. Zassenhaus15-20
H. SmidaValeur moyenne des fonctions de Piltz sur les entiers sans grand facteur premier21-50
R. Baker
J. Brüdern
G. Harman
Simultaneous diophantine approximation with square-free numbers51-60
Y. LacroixMetric properties of generalized Cantor products61-77
M. Huxley
R. Hall
Dedekind sums and continued fractions79-90
A. KriegPrimitive minima of positive definite quadratic forms91-96
J. WangOn the Poincaré series for diagonal forms over algebraic number fields97-101
H. Faure
H. Chaix
Discrépance et diaphonie en dimension un103-141
J. ChabertDérivées et différences divisées à valeurs entières143-156
M. KimArithmetic of half integral weight theta-series157-181
K. Ramachandra
R. Balasubramanian
On the zeros of ζ (s) − a183-191
A. TripathiA comparison of dispersion and Markov constants193-203
G. WirschingAn improved estimate concerning 3n + 1 predecessor sets205-210
T. CochraneOn representing the multiple of a number by a quadratic form211-222
F. XuIntegral spinor norms in dyadic local fields II223-232
L. WallingThe Eichler Commutation Relation for theta series with spherical harmonics233-254
M. SheingornThe √p Riemann surface255-266
F. DestrempesGeneralization of a result of Shankar Sen: Integral representations associated with local field extensions267-286
E. SaiasEntiers sans grand ni petit facteur premier II287-312
C. BadeaA theorem on irrationality of infinite series and applications313-323
G. RiegerEffective simultaneous approximation of complex numbers by conjugate algebraic integers325-334
M. HataRational approximations to π and some other numbers335-349
N. TeraiThe Diophantine equation x^2 + q^m = p^n351-358
K. Ramachandra
R. Balasubramanian
On the zeros of ζ(s) − a359-366
M. HelmOn B_{2k} -sequences367-371
M. HelmSome remarks on the Erdős–Turán conjecture373-378
H. Niederreiter
G. Larcher
Kronecker-type sequences and nonarchimedean diophantine approximations379-396

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