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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 67

Warszawa 1994

Spis treści

H. LiuThe number of cube-full numbers in an interval1-12
I. HålandUniform distribution of generalized polynomials of the product type13-27
M. AblyUne version quantitative du théorème de Lindemann–Weierstrass29-45
S. Louboutin
R. Okazaki
Determination of all non-normal quartic CM-fields and of all non-abelian normal octic CM-fields with class number one47-62
A. FarhaneMinoration de la période du développement de √(a^2n^2 + bn + c) en fraction continue63-67
E. BombieriOn the Thue–Mahler equation II69-96
D. BerendOn the roots of certain sequences of congruences97-104
M. LochterWeakly Kronecker equivalent number fields and global norms105-121
R. KučeraDifferent groups of circular units of a compositum of real quadratic fields123-140
K. OtaOn special values of generalized p-adic hypergeometric functions141-163
H. LiuThe distribution of 4-full numbers165-176
N. Tzanakis
R. Stroeker
Solving elliptic diophantine equations by estimating linear forms in elliptic logarithms177-196
S. FabreUne généralisation du théorème de Cobham197-208
P. HellekalekGeneral discrepancy estimates: the Walsh function system209-218
K. HorieOn CM-fields with the same maximal real subfield219-227
J. NakagawaOrders of quadratic extensions of number fields229-239
V. Gritsenko
R. Schulze-Pillot
Eisenstein series on four-dimensional hyperbolic space241-268
H. Niederreiter
J. Eichenauer-Herrmann
Bounds for exponential sums and their applications to pseudorandom numbers269-281
K. GyőryOn the irreducibility of neighbouring polynomials283-294
M. LochterWeakly Kronecker equivalent number fields295-312
P. HellekalekGeneral discrepancy estimates II: the Haar function system313-322
M. Filaseta
O. Trifonov
The distribution of squarefull numbers in short intervals323-333
J. JaulentSur le noyau sauvage des corps de nombres335-348
P. Bateman
A. Hildebrand
G. Purdy
Sums of distinct squares349-380
K. GirstmairThe digits of 1/p in connection with class number factors381-386
F. LemmermeyerRational quartic reciprocity387-390

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