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Acta Arithmetica

Volume 68

Warszawa 1994


E. HaninePolynômes singuliers à plusieurs variables sur un corps fini et congruences modulo p^21-10
J. BézivinItération de polynômes et fonctions entières arithmétiques11-25
K. OtaOn x^3 + y^3 + z^3 = 3µxyz and Jacobi polynomials27-39
U. RauschOn the Piltz divisor problem in algebraic number fields41-69
P. Bleher
F. Dyson
Mean square value of exponential sums related to representation of integers as sum of two squares71-84
D. BoydIrreducible polynomials with many roots of maximal modulus85-88
N. Saradha
T. Shorey
R. Tijdeman
On arithmetic progressions with equal products89-100
F. AmorosoValues of polynomials with integer coefficients and distance to their common zeros101-112
M. BertinK-nombres de Pisot et de Salem113-131
H. DickinsonThe Hausdorff dimension of sets arising in metric Diophantine approximation133-140
M. LeUpper bounds for class numbers of real quadratic fields141-144
A. RotkiewiczOn strong Lehmer pseudoprimes in the case of negative discriminant in arithmetic progressions145-151
A. Thomas
J. Dumont
Modifications de nombres normaux par des transducteurs153-170
J. Gebel
A. Pethő
H. Zimmer
Computing integral points on elliptic curves171-192
H. LiuOn some divisor problems193-200
J. MauclaireOn the distribution of the values of an additive arithmetical function with values in a locally compact abelian group201-212
J. MauclaireA characterization of generalized Rudin–Shapiro sequences with values in a locally compact abelian group213-217
K. NortonOn the frequencies of large values of divisor functions219-244
Г. ЛомадзеО числе представлений натуральных чисел суммами девяти квадратов245-253
W. ZhangOn the difference between a D. H. Lehmer number and its inverse modulo q255-263
R. Paysant-Le RouxSur les périodes des nombres quadratiques spécialisés d’une fonction algébrique quadratique "réelle"265-280
J. Schoißengeier
C. Baxa
Minimum and maximum order of magnitude of the discrepancy of (nα)281-290
D. Jaquet-Chiffelle
F. Sigrist
Classification des formes quadratiques réelles: un contre-exemple à la finitude291-294
D. CantorOn the continued fractions of quadratic surds295-305
C. Spiro-SilvermanDivisibility of the κ-fold iterated divisor function of n into n307-339
A. Ivić
T. Meurman
Sums of coefficients of Hecke series341-368
K. Matsumoto
T. Meurman
The mean square of the Riemann zeta-function in the critical strip II369-382
P. Bleher
F. Dyson
Mean square limit for lattice points in a sphere383-393

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