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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 70

Warszawa 1995

Spis treści

C. MethfesselRekurrente Folgen mit lokal gleichmäßig beschränkter Primteileranzahl1-7
R. CoulangeonRéseaux unimodulaires quaternioniens en dimension ≤ 329-24
L. LuchtWeighted relationship theorems and Ramanujan expansions25-42
M. PeterMomente der Klassenzahlen binärer quadratischer Formen mit ganzalgebraischen Koeffizienten43-77
K. Ramachandra
A. Sankaranarayanan
On some theorems of Littlewood and Selberg, IV79-84
V. Lev
P. Smeliansky
On addition of two distinct sets of integers85-91
J. BurkeA remark on B_2 -sequences in GF[p,x]93-96
T. CaiOn an additive function on the set of ideals of an arbitrary number field97-102
P. Liardet
R. Tichy
P. Grabner
Odometers and systems of numeration103-123
A. Pollington
J. Lagarias
L. Flatto
On the range of fractional parts {ξ(p/q)^n}125-147
M. HataFarey fractions and sums over coprime pairs149-159
T. TöpferAlgebraic independence of the values of generalized Mahler functions161-181
T. CrespoGalois realization of central extensions of the symmetric group with kernel a cyclic 2-group183-192
S. CohenCorrigendum: “Galois groups of trinomials” (Acta Arith. 54 (1989), 43–49)193-193
A. AbercrombieBeatty sequences and multiplicative number theory195-207
I. KaplanskyTernary positive quadratic forms that represent all odd positive integers209-214
J. Muskat
K. Williams
B. Spearman
Predictive criteria for the representation of primes by binary quadratic forms215-278
K. HutchinsonOn relative integral bases for unramified extensions279-286
A. van der PoortenFactorisation in fractional powers287-293
P. MoreeOn arithmetic progressions having only few different prime factors in comparison with their length295-312
M. NagataRational approximations to linear forms in values of G-functions313-341
W. SchmidtNorthcott’s theorem on heights II. The quadratic case343-375
W. LuoThe spectral mean value for linear forms in twisted coefficients of cusp forms377-391

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