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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 71

Warszawa 1995

Spis treści

Š. Porubský
Y. Chen
Remarks on systems of congruence classes1-10
R. BruggemanDedekind sums for Hecke groups11-46
W. ZhaiOn a multiplicative hybrid problem47-53
S. JakubecConnection between the Wieferich congruence and divisibility of h^+55-64
M. Drmota
M. Skałba
Relations between polynomial roots64-77
K. Matsumoto
T. Hattori
Large deviations of Montgomery type and its application to the theory of zeta-functions79-94
T. ZhanA generalization of the Goldbach–Vinogradov theoremI95-106
U. ZannierOn Davenport’s bound for the degree of f^3 − g^2 and Riemann’s Existence Theorem107-137
W. LuoZeros of Hecke L-functions associated with cusp forms139-158
B. de SmitPrimitive elements in integral bases159-170
J. Rivat
C. Mauduit
Répartition des fonctions q-multiplicatives dans la suite ([n^c])n∈N, c > 1171-179
N. Saradha
T. Shorey
R. Tijdeman
On the equation x(x + 1)...(x + k − 1) = y(y + d)...(y + (mk − 1)d), m = 1, 2181-196
P. PlochVerschwindungssätze, die bei der Berechnung der Dimension des Vektorraums der Spitzenformen zur Modulgruppe n-ten Grades und Stufe q > 2 auftreten197-208
C. Spiro-SilvermanGroups of cubefree order209-227
A. IvićOn sums involving reciprocals of the largest prime factor of an integer II229-251
M. LeA note on the diophantine equation x^2 + b^y = c^z253-257
V. MoothaOn the set of numbers {14, 22, 30, 42, 90}259-263
E. Carletti
G. Monti Bragadin
On a functional equation satisfied by certain Dirichlet series265-272
J. Szmidt
J. Urbanowicz
D. Zagier
Congruences among generalized Bernoulli numbers273-278
K. TsangMean square of the remainder term in the Dirichlet divisor problem II279-299
J. TamuraA class of transcendental numbers having explicit g-adic and Jacobi–Perron expansions of arbitrary dimension301-329
А. КоробовМногомерные цепные дроби и оценки линейных форм331-349
E. SaiasEntiers sans grand ni petit facteur premier III351-379
R. McIntoshOn the converse of Wolstenholme’s Theorem381-389
S. GurakOn the last factor of the period polynomial for finite fields391-400

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