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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 74

Warszawa 1996

Spis treści

W. LohLimitation to the asymptotic formula in Waring’s problem1-15
R. MollinQuadratic polynomials producing consecutive, distinct primes and class groups of complex quadratic fields17-30
J. KaczorowskiOn the Shanks–Rényi race problem31-46
N. ChevallierDistances dans la suite des multiples d’un point du tore à deux dimensions47-59
J. HoltOn a form of the Erdős–Turán inequality61-66
K. Győry
Y. Bugeaud
Bounds for the solutions of unit equations67-80
P. VoutierAn effective lower bound for the height of algebraic numbers81-95
D. BowmanPartitions with numbers in their gaps97-105
H. TayaOn cyclotomic Zp -extensions of real quadratic fields107-119
S. LouboutinCorps quadratiques à corps de classes de Hilbert principaux et à multiplication complexe131-140
R. Ahlswede
L. Khachatrian
Sets of integers and quasi-integers with pairwise common divisor141-153
G. BhowmikEvaluation of divisor functions of matrices155-159
G. GriselSur la longueur de la fraction continue de α^n161-176
T. TanakaAlgebraic independence of the values of power series generated by linear recurrences177-190
M. Filaseta
S. Konyagin
Squarefree values of polynomials all of whose coefficients are 0 and 1191-205
J. HinzA generalization of a problem of Chebyshev207-230
M. IcazaSums of squares of integral linear forms231-240
M. Klassen
E. Schaefer
Arithmetic and geometry of the curve y^3 + 1 = x^4241-257
P. StevenhagenOn a problem of Eisenstein259-268
P. Erdös
N. Alon
Sure monochromatic subset sums269-272
K. Győry
Y. Bugeaud
Bounds for the solutions of Thue–Mahler equations and norm form equations273-292
S. JakubecCongruence of Ankeny–Artin–Chowla type modulo p^2 for cyclic fields of prime degree l293-310
J. Barrionuevo
R. Burton
K. Dajani
C. Kraaikamp
Ergodic properties of generalized Lüroth series311-327
W. Carlip
E. Jacobson
Unbounded stability of two-term recurrence sequences modulo 2^k329-346
M. BertinSur une conjecture de Pohst347-349
T. MeurmanThe mean square of the error term in a generalization of Dirichlet’s divisor problem351-364
A. Sárközy
K. Győry
C. Stewart
On the number of prime factors of integers of the form ab + 1365-385
U. ZannierAcknowledgement of priority387-387

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