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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 75

Warszawa 1996

Spis treści

R. Balasubramanian
K. Soundararajan
On a conjecture of R. L. Graham1-38
U. Balakrishnan
Y. Pétermann
The Dirichlet series of ζ(s)ζ^α(s+1)f(s+1): On an error term associated with its coefficients39-69
K. FengNon-congruent numbers, odd graphs and the Birch–Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture71-83
V. LevDistribution of lattice points on hyperbolic surfaces85-95
S. AkiyamaOn the pure Jacobi sums97-104
K. Williams
J. Huard
Z. Nan-Yue
On Tornheim’s double series105-117
K. Ramachandra
A. Sankaranarayanan
K. Srinivas
Problems and results on αp − βq119-131
T. Łuczak
Y. Kohayakawa
V. Rödl
Arithmetic progressions of length three in subsets of a random set133-163
N. TzanakisSolving elliptic diophantine equations by estimating linear forms in elliptic logarithms. The case of quartic equations165-190
Y. StanchescuOn addition of two distinct sets of integers191-194
C. LiuOn character sums of rational functions over local fields195-204
K. MatthewsMinimal multipliers for consecutive Fibonacci numbers205-218
V. Bernik
V. Beresnevich
On a metrical theorem of W. Schmidt219-233
L. Skula
T. Agoh
Kummer type congruences and Stickelberger subideals235-250
C. SkinnerSolvability of p-adic diagonal equations251-258
R. Ahlswede
L. Khachatrian
Sets of integers with pairwise common divisor and a factor from a specified set of primes259-276
G. KubaThe two parameter hyperbola problem277-285
M. MignotteA note on the equation ax^n − by^n = c287-295
H. CohnSymmetry and specializability in continued fractions297-320
D. GrantA proof of quintic reciprocity using the arithmetic of y^2 = x^5 + 1/4321-337
H. HwangAsymptotic behaviour of some infinite products involving prime numbers339-350
M. Yoshimoto
S. Kanemitsu
Farey series and the Riemann hypothesis351-374
J. Thunder
J. Wolfskill
Algebraic integers of small discriminant375-382
H. Niederreiter
C. Xing
Explicit global function fields over the binary field with many rational places383-396

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