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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 76

Warszawa 1996

Spis treści

M. LeOn the diophantine equation D1x^4 − D2y^2 = 11-9
A. Knopfmacher
J. Knopfmacher
Metric properties of some special p-adic series expansions11-19
C. JiaAlmost all short intervals containing prime numbers21-84
C. Mauduit
P. Arnoux
Complexité de suites e engendrées par des récurrences unipotentes85-97
H. SchlickeweiEquations in roots of unity99-108
T. KomatsuA certain power series associated with a Beatty sequence109-129
H. YuOn Waring’s problem with polynomial summands131-144
D. FolkWhen are global units norms of units?145-147
H. Faure
H. Chaix
Minoration de discrépance en dimension deux149-164
D. Coray
C. Manoil
On large Picard groups and the Hasse Principle for curves and K3 surfaces165-189
T. Shorey
Y. Nesterenko
Perfect powers in products of integers from a block of consecutive integers (II)191-198
C. DartygeLe plus grand facteur premier de n^2 + 1 où n est presque premier199-226
M. Knopp
M. Sheingorn
On Dirichlet series and Hecke triangle groups of infinite volume227-244
M. Mignotte
A. Pethö
F. Lemmermeyer
On the family of Thue equations x^3 − (n−1)x^2 y − (n+2)xy^2 − y^3 = k245-269
M. Huxley
W. Nowak
Primitive lattice points in convex planar domains271-283
P. Kaplan
Y. Mimura
Développement en fraction continue à l’entier le plus proche, idéaux α-réduits et un problème d’Eisenstein285-304
T. FunakuraOn characterization of Dirichlet L-functions305-315
A. Laurinčikas
G. Misevičius
On limit distribution of the Riemann zeta-function317-334
T. ShimadaFermat quotient of cyclotomic units335-358
S. TsuyumineOn values of L-functions of totally real algebraic number fields at integers359-392

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