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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 77

Warszawa 1996

Spis treści

M. KolountzakisOn the additive complements of the primes and sets of similar growth1-8
V. Helmke
S. Breulmann
The covolume of quaternion groups on the four-dimensional hyperbolic space9-21
C. Viola
G. Rhin
On a permutation group related to ζ(2)23-56
A. Hefez
N. Kakuta
Polars of Artin–Schreier curves57-70
H. TsumuraOn a direct sum decomposition of the Dem’yanenko matrix71-76
M. Mendès France
A. van der Poorten
J. Allouche
A. Lubiw
J. Shallit
Convergents of folded continued fractions77-96
B. Brindza
Á. Pintér
On equal values of power sums97-101
T. ZaïmiSur les K-nombres de Pisot de petite mesure103-131
P. Erdös
R. Graham
S. Burr
W. Wen-Ching Li
Complete sequences of sets of integer powers133-138
A. Smati
J. Wu
Distribution of values of Euler’s function over integers free of large prime factors139-155
M. KidaOn a characterization of Shimura’s elliptic curve over Q(√37)157-171
T. XuanIrregularities in the distribution of primes in an arithmetic progression173-177
Y. Hasegawa
K. Hashimoto
Hyperelliptic modular curves X*_0(N) with square-free levels179-193
M. AvidonOn the distribution of primitive abundant numbers195-205
C. JiaOn the exceptional set of Goldbach numbers in a short interval207-287
M. Hirschhorn
J. Sellers
On representations of a number as a sum of three triangles289-231
F. ChamizoThe large sieve in Riemann surfaces303-313
F. ChamizoSome applications of large sieve Riemann surfaces315-337
E. Fouvry
C. Mauduit
Méthodes de crible et fonctions sommes des chiffres339-351
I. RuzsaSumsets of Sidon sets353-359
W. JagyFive regular or nearly-regular ternary quadratic forms361-367
J. Liu
T. Zhan
On sums of five almost equal prime squares369-383
N. Smart
J. Merriman
S. Siksek
Explicit 4-descents on an elliptic curve385-404
D. Heath-BrownAcknowledgment of priority405-405

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