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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 79

Warszawa 1997

Spis treści

J. VolochAn analogue of the Weierstrass ζ-function in characteristic p1-6
K. RibetOn the equation a^p + 2^α b^p + c^p = 07-16
D. Heath-BrownThe density of rational points on cubic surfaces17-30
A. LaurinčikasOn limit distribution of the Matsumoto zeta-function31-39
A. BremnerSome special curves of genus 541-51
R. RankinBurnside’s uniformization53-57
H. Niederreiter
C. Xing
Cyclotomic function fields, Hilbert class fields, and global function fields with many rational places59-76
A. SchinzelOn the Mahler measure of polynomials in many variables77-81
K. Szymiczek
P. Conner
R. Perlis
Wild sets and 2-ranks of class groups83-91
R. Tijdeman
C. Stewart
On the greatest prime factor of (ab + 1)(ac + 1)(bc + 1)93-101
F. Beukers
D. Zagier
Lower bounds of heights of points on hypersurfaces103-111
A. Skorobogatov
P. Swinnerton-Dyer
J. Colliot-Thélène
Double fibres and double covers: paucity of rational points113-135
M. WaldschmidtApproximation simultanée par des produits de puissances de nombres algébriques137-162
A. Sárközy
K. Győry
On prime factors of integers of the form (ab + 1)(bc + 1)(ca + 1)163-171
K. Győry
G. Everest
Counting solutions of decomposable form equations173-191
R. Vaughan
T. Wooley
A special case of Vinogradov’s mean value theorem193-204
S. PattersonThe asymptotic distribution of Kloosterman sums205-219
A. PfisterSmall zeros of quadratic forms over algebraic function fields221-238
G. Rhin
C. Smyth
On the Mahler measure of the composition of two polynomials239-247
H. Iwaniec
E. Fouvry
Gaussian primes249-287
C. HooleyOn a problem of Hardy and Littlewood289-311
D. BurgessOn the average of character sums for a group of characters313-332
E. Flynn
N. Smart
Canonical heights on the Jacobians of curves of genus 2 and the infinite descent333-352
P. Erdös
M. Rosenfeld
The factor-difference set of integers353-359
E. Bombieri
J. Mueller
M. Poe
The unit equation and the cluster principle361-389

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