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Acta Arithmetica

Volume 8

Warszawa 1962


L. MordellOn a cubic congruence in three variables1-9
W. NarkiewiczOn polynomial transformations II11-19
A. SárközyÜber totalprimitive Folgen21-31
S. RaghavanOn representation by hermitian forms33-96
S. KnapowskiContributions to the theory of the distribution of prime numbers in arithmetical progressions III97-105
J. RaleighOn the Fourier coefficients of triangle functions107-111
M. GutAbschätzungen für die Klassenzahlen der quadratischen Körper113-122
И. СлавутскийК вопросу о простых иррегулярных числах123-125
R. McConnelPseudo-ordered polynomials over a finite field127-151
B. SrinivasanThe lattice point problem of many-dimensional hyperboloids I153-172
B. SrinivasanThe lattice point problem of many-dimensional hyperboloids II173-204
S. Knapowski
W. Staś
Another note on Hardy-Littlewood's theorem205-212
A. SchinzelOn primitive prime factors of Lehmer numbers I213-223
P. SzüszÜber die metrische Theorie der diophantischen Approximation II225-241
H. YokoiOn the Galois cohomology group of the ring of integers in an algebraic number field243-250
A. SchinzelOn primitive prime factors of Lehmer numbers II251-257
K. Chikawa
K. Iséki
T. Kusakabe
K. Shibamura
Correction to 'Computation of cyclic parts of Steinhaus problem for power 5'259-259
W. StaśÜber eine Reihe von Ramanujan261-271
E. BombieriSul teorema di Tschebotarev273-281
E. Cohen
R. Robinson
On the distribution of the k-free integers in residue classes283-293
E. GrosswaldNegative discriminant of binary quadratic forms with one class in each genus295-306
E. FogelsÜber die Ausnahmenullstelle der Heckeschen L-Functionen307-309
S. KnapowskiOn oscillations of certain means formed from the Möbius series I311-320
I. SeresÜber die Irreduzibilität gewisser Polynome321-341
C. HooleyOn the difference of consecutive numbers prime to n343-347
. ERRATA. Acta Arithmetica VIII (1963)348-348
N. Bruijn
J. Lint
On the number of integers ≤ x whose prime factors divide n349-356
W. HanekeVerschärfung der Abschätzung von ξ(½+it)357-430
V. NandaOn the genera of quadratic and hermitian forms over an algebraic number field431-450
W. LjunggernOn the diophantine equation y²-k=x³451-463
T. EstermannNote on a paper of A. Rotkiewicz465-467
A. MąkowskiRemarks on a paper of Tallini469-470

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