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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 80

Warszawa 1997

Spis treści

R. Dąbrowski
B. Fisher
A stationary phase formula for exponential sums over Z/p^mZ and applications to GL(3)-Kloosterman sums1-48
S. HuangRamanujan’s evaluations of Rogers–Ramanujan type continued fractions at primitive roots of unity49-60
C. TudesqEtude d’un terme d’erreur lié á la fonction totient de Jordan61-75
H. YuOn Waring’s problem with quartic polynomial summands77-82
Y. ChenOn addition of two sets of integers83-87
W. MüllerOn the average order of the lattice rest of a convex body89-100
V. Bentkus
F. Götze
On the lattice point problem for ellipsoids101-125
I. KimingOn the asymptotics of the number of p-core partitions of integers127-139
P. StambulA generalization of Perron’s theorem about Hurwitzian numbers141-148
A. Perelli
J. Pomykała
Averages of twisted elliptic L-functions149-163
G. HarcosWaring’s problem with small prime factors165-185
P. Hellekalek
H. Leeb
Dyadic diaphony187-196
P. MoreeOn the divisors of a^k + b^k197-212
Y. BugeaudOn the diophantine equation x^2 − p^m = ±y^n213-223
A. VazzanaOn the 2-primary part of K2 of rings of integers in certain quadratic number fields225-235
J. YaoCritères de non-automaticité et leurs applications237-248
K. Ono
L. Sze
4-core partitions and class numbers249-272
F. LemmermeyerRational quartic reciprocity II273-288
G. MartinThe least prime primitive root and the shifted sieve277-288
K. GyőryOn the diophantine equation (...)289-295
Я. МозерГипотеза Римана для некоторых частей функции ζ(s) и новая формула для π(x)297-310
R. Burthe Jr.Upper bounds for least witnesses and generating sets311-326
R. Burthe Jr.The average least witness is 2327-341
D. KimGauss sums for O^{−}(2n,q)343-365
K. Győry
J. Evertse
The number of families of solutions of decomposable form equations367-394

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