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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 81

Warszawa 1997

Spis treści

Y. OuyangRiemann–Hurwitz formula in basic Z_s - extensions1-10
P. GuerzhoyOn Ramanujan congruences between special values of Hecke and Dirichlet L-functions11-23
O. StrauchOn distribution functions of ξ(3/2)^n mod 125-35
M. OzakiKummer’s lemma for Zp -extensions over totally real number fields37-44
C. Friesen
P. van Wamelen
Class numbers of real quadratic function fields45-55
D. TolevOn a theorem of Bombieri–Vinogradov type for prime numbers from a thin set57-68
A. DujellaOn Diophantine quintuples69-79
H. Niederreiter
C. Xing
Drinfeld modules of rank 1 and algebraic curves with many rational points. II81-100
B. ValléeOpérateurs de Ruelle–Mayer généralisés et analyse en moyenne des algorithmes d’Euclide et de Gauss101-144
A. Sárközy
C. Mauduit
On the arithmetic structure of the integers whose sum of digits is fixed145-173
Z. SunExact m-covers and the linear form Σ_{s=1}^k x_s/n_s175-198
H. LiDiagonal cubic equations199-227
R. MaltbyRoot systems and the Erdős–Szekeres Problem229-245
K. OnoTate–Shafarevich groups of the congruent number elliptic curves247-252
A. VazzanaElementary abelian 2-primary parts of K_2O and related graphs in certain quadratic number fields253-264
H. KojimaOn explicit construction of Hilbert–Siegel modular forms of degree two265-274
J. KomedaCyclic coverings of an elliptic curve with two branch points and the gap sequences at the ramification points275-297
A. SárközyPaul Erdős’s (1913-1996)299-317
. List of Paul Erdős's publications in number theory319-343
Y. Nakai
I. Shiokawa
Normality of numbers generated by the values of polynomials at primes345-356
C. BaxaOn the distribution of the sequence (nα) with transcendental α357-363
G. ElekesOn the number of sums and products365-367
Y. HasegawaHyperelliptic modular curves X*_0(N)369-385
K. GirstmairSome linear relations between values of trigonometric functions at kπ/n387-398

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