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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 84

Warszawa 1998

Spis treści

A. LaurinčikasOn the Matsumoto zeta-function1-16
J. WuOn the average number of unitary factors of finite abelian groups17-29
J. Harmse
D. Berend
On some arithmetical properties of middle binomial coefficients31-41
B. AdamGénéralisation d’une famille de Shanks43-58
F. LemmermeyerIdeal class groups of cyclotomic number fields II59-70
Y. ChenSequences with bounded l.c.m. of each pair of terms71-95
S. JiAnalogs of ∆(z) for triangular Shimura curves97-108
A. BorisovOn some polynomials allegedly related to the abc conjecture109-128
J. Koo
C. Kim
Arithmetic of the modular function j_{1,4}129-143
P. Yuan
J. Wang
On the diophantine equation x^2+b^y=c^z145-147
P. Lindqvist
K. Seip
Note on some greatest common divisor matrices149-154
D. Goldston
S. Gonek
Mean value theorems for long Dirichlet polynomials and tails of Dirichlet series155-192
S. WongConcentration function of additive functions on shifted twin primes173-224
A. ZaccagniniPrimes in almost all short intervals225-244
M. PeterDirichlet series associated with polynomials245-278
Y. LacroixOn strong uniform distribution, II. The infinite-dimensional case279-290
Z. SunOn the theory of cubic residues and nonresidues291-335
S. YasutomiThe continued fraction expansion of α with µ(α) = 3337-374
P. TzermiasArithmetic of cyclic quotients of the Fermat quintic375-384
N. Saradha
T. Shorey
R. Tijdeman
Corrections to the paper "On values of a polynomial at arithmetic progressions with equal products" (Acta Arith. 72 (1995), 67–76)385-386

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