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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 88

Warszawa 1999

Spis treści

R. de la BretècheSommes sans grand facteur premier1-14
M. EinsiedlerA generalisation of Mahler measure and its application in algebraic dynamical systems15-29
P. ElliottProducts of shifted primes: Multiplicative analogues of Goldbach’s problem31-50
S. MizumotoCertain L-functions at s = 1/251-66
D. TolevArithmetic progressions of prime-almost-prime twins67-98
M. LevinOn the discrepancy estimate of normal numbers99-111
P. PhilipponMesures d’approximation de valeurs de fonctions analytiques113-127
M. Shimura
Y. Hasegawa
Trigonal modular curves129-140
M. CarDistribution des polynômes irréductibles dans Fq[T]141-153
D. KimExponential sums for symplectic groups and their applications155-171
D. PoulakisThe number of solutions of the Mordell equation173-179
T. Hibino
A. Umegaki
A family of elliptic Q-curves defined over biquadratic fields and their modularity181-190
F. LalandeCorps de nombres engendrés par un nombre de Salem191-200
Y. Bugeaud
J. Conze
Calcul de la dynamique de transformations linéaires contractantes mod 1 et arbre de Farey201-218
S. Hahn
J. Cheon
The orders of the reductions of a point in the Mordell–Weil group of an elliptic curve219-111
A. ZaharescuAverages of short exponential sums223-231
Y. Hamidoune
W. Gao
On additive bases233-237
J. Pila
F. Villegas
Concordant sequences and integral-valued entire functions239-268
P. Dèbes
D. Haran
Almost hilbertian fields269-287
A. BremnerOn squares of squares289-297
C. LiuDirichlet character sums299-309
Y. Bilu
G. Hanrot
Thue equations with composite fields311-326
T. XuanOn smooth integers in short intervals under the Riemann Hypothesis327-332
S. KonyaginOn the number of irreducible polynomials with 0,1 coeficients333-350
A. Zhigljavsky
I. Aliev
Weyl sequences: Asymptotic distributions of the partition lengths351-361
M. BennettOn consecutive integers of the form ax^2, by^2 and cz^2363-370
A. Thomas
J. Dumont
N. Sidorov
Number of representations related to a linear recurrent basis371-396

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