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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 89

Warszawa 1999

Spis treści

A. SrinivasanPrime producing polynomials: Proof of a conjecture by Mollin and Williams1-7
P. MoreeUniform distribution of primes having a prescribed primitive root9-21
H. Williams
A. van der Poorten
On certain continued fraction expansions of fixed period length23-35
K. Chakraborty
M. Kulkarni
Solutions of cubic equations in quadratic fields37-43
J. EvertseThe number of solutions of linear equations in roots of unity45-51
K. GirstmairLinear relations between roots of polynomials53-96
H. LocherOn the number of good approximations of algebraic numbers by algebraic numbers of bounded degree97-122
J. Tamura
T. Kamae
Z. Wen
Hankel determinants for the Fibonacci word and Padé approximation123-161
H. Liu
J. Wu
Numbers with a large prime factor163-187
K. HutchinsonConditions under which K2(OF) is not generated by Dennis–Stein symbols189-199
Y. Park
S. Louboutin
Y. Lefeuvre
Construction of the real dihedral number fields of degree 2p. Applications201-215
J. LagariasOn a positivity property of the Riemann ξ-function217-234
J. Hsia
M. Icaza
Effective version of Tartakowsky’s Theorem235-253
S. Gupta
A. Tripathi
Density of M -sets in arithmetic progression255-257
C. BallotStrong arithmetic properties of the integral solutions of X^3+DY^3+D^2Z^3−3DXYZ = 1, where D = M^3±1, M∈Z*259-277
Y. Chen
S. Adhikari
On a question regarding visibility of lattice points, II279-282
A. Zaharescu
Z. Rudnick
A metric result on the pair correlation of fractional parts of sequences283-293
D. ByeonA note on basic Iwasawa λ-invariants of imaginary quadratic fields and congruence of modular forms295-299
M. KulasRefinement of an estimate for the Hurwitz zeta function in a neighbourhood of the line σ = 1301-309
A. KumchevA diophantine inequality involving prime powers311-330
L. Gallardo
G. Grekos
J. Pihko
On a variant of the Erdős–Ginzburg–Ziv problem331-336
K. Yup-adic logarithmic forms and group varieties II337-378
K. Győry
I. Gaál
Index form equations in quintic fields379-396
R. EvansNonexistence of twentieth power residue difference sets397-402

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