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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 90

Warszawa 1999

Spis treści

W. Zhai
X. Cao
On the number of coprime integer pairs within a circle1-16
N. TeraiApplications of a lower bound for linear forms in two logarithms to exponential Diophantine equations17-35
J. Yuan
H. Dickinson
V. Bernik
Inhomogeneous diophantine approximation on polynomials in Qp37-48
S. KangRamanujan’s formulas for the explicit evaluation of the Rogers–Ramanujan continued fraction and theta-functions49-68
W. ZhaiOn the average number of direct factors of finite abelian groups (II)69-78
M. KatsuradaRapidly convergent series representations for ζ(2n + 1) and their χ-analogue79-89
J. VolochOn the p-adic Waring’s problem91-95
V. BeresnevichOn approximation of real numbers by real algebraic numbers97-112
W. JenknerOn divisors whose sum is a square113-120
M. Filaseta
A. Borisov
T. Lam
O. Trifonov
Classes of polynomials having only one non-cyclotomic irreducible factor121-153
P. PaslesNonanalytic automorphic integrals on the Hecke groups155-171
K. KramerElliptic curves with non-trivial 2-adic Iwasawa µ-invariant173-182
M. StollOn the height constant for curves of genus two183-201
H. Godinho
C. Ripoll
Pairs of additive forms and Artin’s conjecture203-216
Y. WangNumbers representable by five prime squares with primes in an arithmetic progression217-244
M. Garcia
F. Tal
A note on the generalized 3n+1 problem245-250
A. LauderContinued fractions of Laurent series with partial quotients from a given set251-271
A. SchinzelReducibility of lacunary polynomials XII273-289
D. GarthOn limits of PV k-tuples291-299
A. Garcia
H. Stichtenoth
On Chebyshev polynomials and maximal curves301-311
J. Ritter
A. Weiss
The Lifted Root Number Conjecture for some cyclic extensions of Q313-340
Y. BiluQuadratic factors of f(x)−g(y)341-355
H. LiuOn a fundamental result in van der Corput’s method of estimating exponential sums357-370
B. de Weger
C. van de Woestijne
On the diameter of sets of almost powers371-385
B. de Weger
C. van de Woestijne
On the power-free parts of consecutive integers387-395
. Conspectus materiae tomorum LXXXI–XC (1997–1999)397-416

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