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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 91

Warszawa 1999

Spis treści

C. HooleyOn the Barban–Davenport–Halberstam theorem: XI1-41
E. Wirsing
U. Vorhauer
Three two-dimensional Weyl steps in the circle problem I. The Hessian determinant43-55
U. VorhauerThree two-dimensional Weyl steps in the circle problem II. The logarithmic Riesz mean for a class of arithmetic functions57-73
A. RotkiewiczPeriodic sequences of pseudoprimes connected with Carmichael numbers and the least period of the function lCx75-83
Z. CaoA note on the Diophantine equation a^x + b^y = c^z85-93
H. SharifHadamard products of certain power series95-105
P. Viader
L. Bibiloni
J. Paradí
On a problem of Alfréd Rényi107-115
A. Sárközy
R. Ahlswede
L. Khachatrian
On the quotient sequence of sequences of integers117-132
S. KühnleinSome families of finite groups and their rings of invariants133-146
R. Tichy
C. Heuberger
Effective solution of families of Thue equations containing several parameters147-163
P. SchmidThe Stickelberger element of an imaginary quadratic field165-169
A. SchweizerOn elliptic curves in characteristic 2 with wild additive reduction171-180
H. IchimuraQuadratic function fields whose class numbers are not divisible by three181-190
M. Bhargava
K. Kedlaya
Continuous functions on compact subsets of local fields191-198
H. KumagaiThe determinant of the Laplacian on the n-sphere199-208
C. Snyder
A. Özlük
On the distribution of the nontrivial zeros of quadratic L-functions close to the real axis209-228
J. MauclaireA characterization of some additive arithmetical functions, III229-232
W. ZhaiOn sums and differences of two coprime kth powers233-248
T. Cochrane
Z. Zheng
Pure and mixed exponential sums249-278
G. HarmanIntegers without large prime factors in short intervals and arithmetic progressions279-289
W. de Azevedo PribitkinThe Fourier coefficients of modular forms and Niebur modular integrals having small positive weight, I291-309
Y. Cai
M. Lu
Chen’s theorem in short intervals311-323
K. Joshi
C. Yogananda
A remark on product of Dirichlet L-functions325-327
P. Liardet
P. Grabner
Harmonic properties of the sum-of-digits function for complex bases329-349
K. Ramachandra
A. Sankaranarayanan
Notes on the Riemann zeta-function, II351-365
M. Margenstern
Y. Matiyasevich
A binomial representation of the 3x + 1 problem367-378
A. DubickasOn intervals containing full sets of conjugates of algebraic integers379-386

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