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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 93

Warszawa 2000

Spis treści

B. GreuelAlgebraic independence of the values of Mahler functions satisfying implicit functional equations1-20
B. Rynne
H. Dickinson
Hausdorff dimension and a generalized form of simultaneous Diophantine approximation21-36
P. BauerZeros of Dirichlet L-series on the critical line37-52
G. MolteniExistence of a non-entire twist for a class of L-functions53-65
M. ConradOn explicit relations between cyclotomic numbers67-76
Y. Bugeaud
O. Teulie
Approximation d'un nombre réel par des nombres algébriques de degré donné77-86
D. Mcquillan
M. Ayad
Irreducibility of the iterates of a quadratic polynomial over a field87-97
R. RumelyThe Fekete–Szegő theorem with splitting conditions: Part I99-116
M. MoisioA note on evaluations of some exponential sums117-119
J. WilsonExplicit moduli for curves of genus 2 with real multiplication by Q(√5)121-138
M. Nair
P. Codecá
A note on a result of Bateman and Chowla139-148
T. SchoenOn sets of natural numbers without solution to a noninvariant linear equation149-155
Y. KamiyaCertain mean values and non-vanishing of automorphic L-functions with large level157-176
A. Bremner
J. Goggins
M. Guy
R. Guy
On rational Morley triangles177-187
R. ChapmanReciprocity laws for generalized higher dimensional Dedekind sums189-199
M. HuxleyThe rational points close to a curve II201-219
Y. YeEstimation of exponential sums of polynomials of higher degrees II221-235
Z. DouTheta correspondence and Hecke operators relative to a quadratic extension237-255
K. Hong
J. Koo
Generation of class fields by the modular function j_{1,12}257-291
A. ZaccagniniA conditional density theorem for the zeros of the Riemann zeta-function293-301
A. NitajInvariants des courbes de Frey–Hellegouarch et grands groupes de Tate–Shafarevich303-327
D. HachenbergerUniversal normal bases for the abelian closure of the field of rational numbers329-341
W. de Azevedo PribitkinThe Fourier coefficients of modular forms and Niebur modular integrals having small positive weight, II343-358
G. KubaOn the distribution of squares of integral quaternions359-372
J. McKeeFamilies of Pisot numbers with negative trace373-385
H. Niederreiter
A. Winterhof
Incomplete exponential sums over finite fields and their applications to new inversive pseudorandom number generators387-399

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