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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 94

Warszawa 2000

Spis treści

K. TishchenkoOn approximation to real numbers by algebraic numbers1-24
U. Zannier
P. Corvaja
On the diophantine equation f(a^m,y) = b^n25-40
R. Sánchez-PeregrinoThe Lucas congruence for Stirling numbers of the second kind41-52
C. HooleyOn the Barban–Davenport–Halberstam theorem: XIII53-68
A. DujellaA parametric family of elliptic curves87-101
A. BiróCycle integrals of Maass forms of weight 0 and Fourier coefficients of Maass forms of weight 1/2103-152
M. Kanθ-congruent numbers and elliptic curves153-160
S. Jakubec Connection between Schinzel's conjecture and divisibility of the class number {h_p}^{+}161-171
S. CohenKloosterman sums and primitive elements in Galois fields173-201
R. Vaughan
T. Wooley
Further improvements in Waring's problem, IV: Higher powers203-285
X. RenThe Waring–Goldbach problem for cubes287-301
E. Kowalski
P. Michel
A lower bound for the rank of J_0(q)303-343
C. BaxaComparing the distribution of (nα)-sequences345-363
G. YamamotoOn the vanishing of Iwasawa invariants of absolutely abelian p-extensions365-371
L. PanaitopolInequalities concerning the function π(x): Applications373-381
A. AziziSur la capitulation des 2-classes d'idéaux de k=Q(√2pq,i) oú p ≡ −q ≡ 1 mod 4383-399

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