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Colloquium Mathematicum

Tom 68

Warszawa-Wrocław 1995

Spis treści

C. Pfeffer
L. Corwin
On the density of sets in (A/q)^n defined by polynomials1-5
A. Hulanicki
J. Jenkins
J. Dziubański
A nilpotent Lie algebra and eigenvalue estimates7-16
T. Domínguez Benavides
G. López Acedo
H. Xu
Weak uniform normal structure and iterative fixed points of nonexpansive mappings17-23
K. EdaThe Dugundji extension theorem and extension degree25-38
S. ZhouOn Müntz rational approximation in multivariables39-47
S. Iliadis
S. Zafiridou
L. Feggos
Planar rational compacta49-54
A. Schinzel
J. Browkin
On integers not of the form n − φ(N)55-58
M. AkkarCaractérisation des algèbres localement m-convexes dont l’ensemble des caractères est équiborné59-65
D. LiOn Hilbert sets and c_λ(G)-spaces with no subspace isomorphic to c_067-77
D. LiAddendum to ''On Hilbert sets and c_λ(G)-spaces with no subspace isomorphic to c_0''79-79
D. Bekollé
A. Bonami
Estimates for the Bergman and Szegö projections in two symmetric domains of C^n81-100
W. Domitrz
S. Janeczko
Normal forms of symplectic structures on the stratified spaces101-119
A. Hulanicki
E. Damek
Boundaries and the Fatou theorem for subelliptic second order operators on solvable Lie groups121-140
M. MenárguezOn boundedness properties of certain maximal operators141-148
S. FormellaOn some class of nearly conformally symmetric manifolds149-164
M. LeThe solvability of the diophantine equation D_1 x^2 − D_2 y^4 = 1165-170
M. LeA note on the integer solutions of hyperelliptic equations171-177
J. KindlerMinimax theorems with applications to convex metric spaces179-186
J. WójcikCriterion for a field to be abelian187-191
P. KomjáthSet mappings on generalized linear continua193-195
R. Latała
K. Oleszkiewicz
A note on sums of independent uniformly distributed random variables197-206
F. González VieliMoyennes sphériques et opérateur de Helmholtz itéré207-218
J. Kwiatkowski
Y. Lacroix
T. Downarowicz
A criterion for Toeplitz flows to be topologically isomorphic and applications219-228
P. BilerExistence and nonexistence of solutions for a model of gravitational interaction of particles, III229-239
A. FanAlmost everywhere convergence of Riesz–Raikov series241-248
W. MydlarczykA singular initial value problem for second and third order differential equations249-257
J. NymannLinear combinations of Cantor sets259-264
E. MaghrasRestitution des coefficients d’ondelettes des signaux filtrés265-283
L. RamseyBohr cluster points of Sidon sets285-290
S. HolteEmbedding inverse limits of nearly Markov interval maps as attracting sets of planar diffeomorphisms291-296
A. MilianStochastic viability and a comparison theorem297-316

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