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Colloquium Mathematicum

Tom 70

Warszawa-Wrocław 1996

Spis treści

E. MatheronOn the complexity of H sets of the unit circle1-5
U. Backlund
A. Fällström
The polynomial hull of unions of convex sets in Cn7-11
Y. KubokawaCoverable Radon measures in topological spaces with covering properties13-23
M. Čadek
J. Vanžura
On 2-distributions in 8-dimensional vector bundles over 8-complexes25-40
M. BenabasÉtude d’un système différentiel non linéaire régissant un phénomène gyroscopique forcé41-58
S. LiCharacterization of the boundedness for a family of commutators on Lp59-71
A. IwanikCyclic approximation of analytic cocycles over irrational rotations73-78
H. Patkowska
P. Krupski
Menger curves in Peano continua79-86
J. Nikiel
L. Treybig
Null-families of subsets of monotonically normal compacta87-92
T. PrzebindaThe duality correspondence of infinitesimal characters93-102
L. RamseyComparisons of Sidon and I0 sets103-132
T. Qian
G. Gaudry
S. Wang
Boundedness of singular integral operators with holomorphic kernels on star-shaped closed Lipschitz curves133-150
S. Morris
K. Hofmann
M. Stroppel
Varieties of topological groups, Lie groups and SIN-groups151-163
F. NaritaCR-submanifolds of locally conformal Kaehler manifolds and Riemannian submersions165-179
J. Charatonik
W. Charatonik
Strongly chaotic dendrites181-190
J. O’NeillA new proof of a theorem of Balcerzyk, Białynicki-Birula and Łoś191-194
J. OllagnierLiouvillian first integrals of homogeneous polynomial 3-dimensional vector fields195-217
S. Chapman
W. Smith
Finite cyclic groups and the k-HFD property219-226
A. Plichko
A. Razenkov
On three problems from the Scottish Book connected with orthogonal systems227-234
S. Montgomery-Smith
N. Asmar
Hahn’s Embedding Theorem for orders and harmonic analysis on groups with ordered duals235-252
M. Akkar
M. Laayouni
Théorèmes de factorisation dans les algèbres normées complètes non associatives253-264
M. ShereshevskyOn continuous actions commuting with actions of positive entropy265-269
P. StrzeleckiAsymptotics for the minimization of a Ginzburg–Landau energy in n dimensions271-289
K. Sakai
N. Nhu
Probability measure functors preserving infinite-dimensional spaces291-304
. Index des volumes LI–LXX (1987–1996)305-351

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