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Colloquium Mathematicum

Tom 71

Warszawa-Wrocław 1996

Spis treści

N. Peck
N. Kalton
A remark on a problem of Klee1-5
J. Chao
L. Peng
Schatten classes and commutators on simple martingales7-21
T. PezdaCycles of polynomials in algebraically closed fields of positive characteristic (II)23-30
E. WajchA little more on the product of two pseudocompact spaces31-42
A. MaoucheFormes multiplicatives à valeurs dans le spectre43-45
M. BalcerzakGeneralized projections of Borel and analytic sets47-53
F. WeiszAn extension of an inequality due to Stein and Lepingle55-61
N. RandrianantoaninaPełczyński’s property (V) on spaces of vector-valued functions63-78
A. AizpuruThe Nikodym property and local properties of Boolean algebras79-85
P. Auscher
T. Coulhon
P. Tchamitchian
Absence de principe du maximum pour certaines équations paraboliques complexes87-95
E. Tymchatyn
K. Kawamura
Continua which admit no mean97-105
T. Przebinda
A. Daszkiewicz
On the moment map of a multiplicity free action107-110
W. ŻelazkoConcerning topologization of real or complex111-113
W. Ricker
S. Okada
Continuous extensions of spectral measures115-132
M. Le
H. Wu
A note on the diophantine equation (X^2−1) (Y^2−1) = (Z^2−1)^2133-136
F. Ben NasrCalculs de dimensions de packing137-148
T. Łuczak
T. Schoen
On strongly sum-free subsets of abelian groups149-151
C. FaivreOn the central limit theorem for random variables related to the continued fraction expansion153-159
A. Skowroński
H. Lenzing
Quasi-tilted algebras of canonical type161-181
H. MeltzerAuslander–Reiten components for concealed-canonical algebras183-202
P. DowborThe pure-projective ideal of a module category203-215
P. JędrzejewiczQuasi-commutative polynomial algebras and the power property of 2×2 quantum matrices217-224
K. RoggenkampGeneralized Brauer tree orders225-242
S. KoumandosOn a positive sine sum243-251
J. GillardCharacterizations of complex space forms by means of geodesic spheres and tubes253-262
K. CiesielskiSum and difference free partitions of vector spaces263-271
L. Brandolini
L. Colzani
Fourier transform, oscillatory multipliers and evolution equations in rearrangement invariant function spaces273-286
S. Park
J. Park
The Idzik type quasivariational inequalities and noncompact optimization problems287-295
J. CarterSteinitz classes of a nonabelian extension of degree p^3297-303
J. Jenkins
C. Benson
G. Ratcliff
T. Worku
Spectra for Gelfand pairs associated with the Heisenberg group305-328
D. DaviesA note on the limit points associated with the generalized abc-conjecture for Z[t]329-333
J. DudekThe minimal extension of sequences III. On problem 16 of Grätzer and Kisielewicz335-338

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