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Colloquium Mathematicum

Tom 72

Warszawa-Wrocław 1997

Spis treści

P. CohnThe universal skew field of fractions of a tensor product of free rings1-8
T. Godoy
L. Saal
M. Urciuolo
On some singular integral operators close to the Hilbert transform9-17
T. DelmotteInégalité de Harnack elliptique sur les graphes19-37
Z. KarnoOn a theorem of P. S. Aleksandrov39-51
A. GeroldingerChains of factorizations in weakly Krull domains53-81
A. GeroldingerChains of factorizations in orders of global fields83-102
W. RosickiOn decomposition of polyhedra into a Cartesian product of 1-dimensional and 2-dimensional factors103-109
W. Żelazko
M. Wojciechowski
Non-uniqueness of topology for algebras of polynomials111-121
Z. PogorzałyOn locally bounded categories stably equivalent to the repetitive algebras of tubular algebras123-146
B. Maslowski
I. Simão
Asymptotic properties of stochastic semilinear equations by the method of lower measures147-171
P. de la Harpe
L. Bartholdi
S. Cantat
T. Ceccherini-Silberstein
Estimates for simple random walks on fundamental groups of surfaces173-193
A. ŻukA remark on the norm of a random walk on surface groups195-206
I. Recław
H. Judah
A. Lior
Very small sets207-213
H. RenderTopological algebras with an orthogonal total sequence215-222
A. IwanikSpectral properties of skew-product diffeomorphisms of tori223-235
Z. HuExtreme non-Arens regularity of quotients of the Fourier algebra A(G)237-249
W. GaoOn a combinatorial problem connected with factorizations251-268
A. Schwartz
O. Gebuhrer
Sidon sets and Riesz sets for some measure algebras on the disk269-279
G. ZwaraDegenerations in the module varieties of generalized standard Auslander–Reiten components281-303
A. Mader
C. Vinsonhaler
The Idempotent Lifting Theorem for almost completely decomposable abelian groups305-317
M. Laczkovich
M. Balcerzak
Z. Buczolich
Lipschitz differences and Lipschitz functions319-324
G. Abrams
J. Haefner
Bounded Picard groups325-334
A. SkowrońskiTame algebras with strongly simply connected Galois coverings335-351
S. Yaprak
R. Deszcz
K. Arslan
On Weyl pseudosymmetric hypersurfaces353-361
J. HejdukConvergence with respect to Fσ -supported ideals363-368

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