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Colloquium Mathematicum

Tom 74

Warszawa-Wrocław 1997

Spis treści

G. CohenOn a conjecture of Mąkowski and Schinzel1-8
R. Wheeden
B. Franchi
Compensation couples and isoperimetric estimates for vector fields9-27
M. Takane
J. de la Peña
Constructing couples and isoperimetric estimates for vector fields29-46
M. Carro
J. Soria
Transference theory on Hardy and Sobolev spaces47-69
A. KałamajskaOn lower semicontinuity of multiple integrals71-78
H. RenderHadamard’s multiplication theorem - recent developments79-92
A. SmoktunowiczA remark on Vapnik-Chervonienkis classes93-98
R. BerntzenExtreme points of the closed unit ball in C*-algebras99-100
K. UrbanikMoments of some random functionals101-108
P. ZakrzewskiThe uniqueness of Haar measure and set theory109-121
F. WeiszCesàro summability of one- and two-dimensional trigonometric-Fourier series123-133
A. MarczakOn nondistributive Steiner quasigroups135-145
S. BalcerzykRepresentation ring of the sequence of alternating groups147-155
K. Williams
J. Huard
B. Spearman
On Pascal’s triangle modulo p2157-165
C. SchmoegerThe spectral mapping theorem for the essential approximate point spectrum167-176
T. DonchevLower semicontinuous differential inclusions. One-sided Lipschitz approach177-184
M. Kon
M. Yamagata
Reduction of the codimension of a generic minimal submanifold immersed in a complex projective space185-190
A. ter Elst
D. Robinson
A. Sikora
Heat kernels and Riesz transforms on nilpotent Lie groups191-218
A. IllanesThe openness of induced maps on hyperspaces219-224
P. Idziak
A. Wroński
Definability of principal congruences in equivalential algebras225-238
W. ŻelazkoA semitopological algebra without proper closed subalgebras239-242
A. TycA decomposition theorem for complete comodule algebras over complete Hopf algebras243-252
F. Defever
R. Deszcz
L. Verstraelen
on pseudosymmetric para-Kähler manifolds253-260
K. Ahmadi-AmoliLocal cohomology, d-sequences and generalized fractions261-265
H. MeltzerTubular mutations267-274
M. WüstnerOn compact elements in solvable Lie groups275-285
R. UrbanSome remarks on the random walk on finite groups287-298
D. Arnold
M. Dugas
Representation type of posets and finite rank Butler groups299-320
F. LehnerFree operators with operator coefficients321-328

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