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Colloquium Mathematicum

Tom 75

Warszawa-Wrocław 1998

Spis treści

S. ZhouOn approximation by Lagrange interpolating polynomials for a subset of the space of continuous functions1-5
B. Florkiewicz
M. Kuchta
Some quadratic integral inequalities of first order7-18
M. Teply
B. Torrecillas
Weak Baer modules over graded rings19-31
M. SzyszkowskiOn axial maps of the direct product of finite sets33-37
D. Repovš
U. Karimov
On ˇH^n -bubbles in n-dimensional compacta39-51
M. SzyjewskiOn the Witt ring of a relative projective line53-78
E. LigockaOn quasiregular polynomial mappings79-89
G. ZwaraDegenerations for modules over representation-finite self-injective algebras91-95
W. JelonekK-contact a-manifolds97-103
H. KrauseFunctors on locally finitely presented additive categories105-132
P. Sjögren
G. Gaudry
Singular integrals on the complex affine group133-148
J. MycielskiNon-amenable groups with amenable action and some paradoxical decompositions in the plane149-157
D. DrissiLocal spectrum and Kaplansky’s theorem on algebraic operators159-165
K. NowakOn the intersection multiplicity of images under an etale morphism167-174
R. Ayala
M. Chávez
A. Quintero
On the planarity of Peano generalized continua: An extension of a theorem of S. Claytor175-181
T. HübnerRank additivity for quasi-tilted algebras of canonical type183-193
J. Charatonik
W. Charatonik
Hereditarily weakly confluent induced mappings are homeomorphisms195-203
S. LouboutinThe imaginary cyclic sextic fields with class numbers equal to their genus class numbers205-212
D. Simson
R. Göbel
Embeddings of Kronecker modules into the category of prinjective modules and the endomorphism ring problem213-244
D. Wrzosek
P. Laurencot
The Becker–Döring model with diffusion. I. Basic properties of solutions245-269
S. Basu
T. Rao
Some stability results for asymptotic norming properties of Banach spaces271-284
J. MierczyńskiInvariant manifolds for one-dimensional parabolic partial differential equations of second order285-314

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