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Colloquium Mathematicum

Tom 77

Warszawa-Wrocław 1998

Spis treści

D. Shakhmatov
V. Pestov
A relatively free topological group that is not varietal free1-8
P. SimonTwo-parameter multipliers on Hardy spaces9-31
M. Insall
D. Grow
Further properties of an extremal set of uniqueness33-39
J. Sichler
V. Koubek
Equimorphy in varieties of double Heyting algebras41-58
A. SalwaRepresenting idempotents as a sum of two nilpotents—an approach via matrices over division rings59-83
S. WelshOne-parameter global bifurcation in a multiparameter problem85-96
A. Białynicki-Birula
J. Święcicka
A recipe for finding open subsets of vector spaces with a good quotient97-114
K. FullerOn reflexivity of representations of local commutative algebras115-119
M. SchmidmeierThe local duality for homomorphisms and an application to pure semisimple PI-rings121-132
M. AassilaStrong asymptotic stability for n-dimensional thermoelasticity systems133-139
A. Schinzel
S. Kanemitsu
I. Aliev
On the metric theory of continued fractions141-145
R. CautyUn exemple de sous-groupe additif de l’espace de Hilbert147-162
G. CarronInégalites de Sobolev–Orlicz non-uniformes163-178
J. FontDisjointness preserving mappings between Fourier algebras179-187
J. PłonkaSubdirect decompositions of algebras from 2-clone extensions of varieties189-199
J. van Mill
J. Dijkstra
Extending monotone mappings201-210
S. Watson
K. Ciesielski
D. Dikranjan
Functions characterized by images of sets211-232
S. ZhouSome remarks on rational Müntz approximation on [0,∞)233-243
Y. AkaikeHomeomorphic neighborhoods in μ^n+1 -manifolds245-250
T. OstrogorskiWeighted norm inequalities and homogeneous cones251-264
E. LigockaOn the uniformization of Hartogs domains in C^2 and their envelopes of holomorphy265-269
I. Assem
Y. Zhang
Endomorphism algebras of exceptional sequences over path algebras of type Ã_n271-292
L. ZajíčekSmall non-σ-porous sets in topologically complete metric spaces293-304
K. Khashyarmanesh
S. Salarian
General local cohomology modules and Koszul homology modules305-313
P. OssowskiA counterexample to a conjecture of Bass, Connell and Wright315-320
D. VaggioneErrata to “On the fundamental theorem of algebra” (Colloq. Math. 73 (1997), 193–194)321-321

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